Inside The Ergatta Experiences

Know Before You Row Before we dive into the workouts, let’s review a few key elements that apply to each one of the Ergatta experiences — from speedy 100m Races to endurance-building programs. Workouts that adapt to you Because of distinct features like calibration and classifications (more on that later!), our programming makes sure every part … Continued

Common Rowing Mistakes + Tips to Get Started

These insider tips will make sure your rower is set up correctly and your form is in good shape, plus provide drills to improve your performance. Get Set Up Correctly Seat and Sitting Position Make sure the seat is oriented with the notch facing the tail end of the rower. This notch allows freedom of … Continued

Understanding Split + Intensity Zones

Ready to get faster and get in the zone? This explainer will explore the core metrics used to convey your rowing power: Split and Intensity Zones.   What is Split? Split is your speed in the form of your pace. It tells you how long it would take you to row 500 meters. This is … Continued

Introduction to Rowing Technique

Having solid rowing form is the bedrock to your experience on the Ergatta rower; this ensures you get the most out of every workout, engaging each muscle group without risking injury. In this video we demonstrate the four phases of rowing technique so you can keep fine-tuning your form. Use this article to solidify what … Continued

Strokes Per Minute (SPM)

What do music and rowing have in common? Rhythm matters. Learn about how the rhythm of your rowing affects your performance, which is measured by your Strokes Per Minute (SPM)  About Strokes Per Minute Stroke rate is the number of Strokes Per Minute that you take. This is the cadence or rhythm of your rowing, … Continued

New Year, New Goals: How To Stick To Fitness Resolutions

Many people kick off the New Year with a big fitness resolution, but lots have trouble making it stick past January. Why? Whether you don’t have an accountability system or life just gets in the way, committing to long-term fitness goals can be difficult. But this year, why not break that streak and go with … Continued

Pre & Post Rowing Stretches

The distribution of muscular tension in your body is a reflection of your lifestyle and training.  If tension is distributed unevenly throughout the body, you may end up with aches, pains, limited range of motion, and impaired movement.  Performing a movement assessment with a qualified professional can be a great way to identify your personal … Continued