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"The Competitive Spirit of Video Game Racing While Delivering a Full Body Workout"


“It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor”

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“Ergatta captures the competitive spirit of video game racing while delivering a full-body workout at the same time”

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“I became addicted to the whole gaming component of the workout”

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“What looks like a beautiful, vintage rowing machine is actually a high-tech and connected product that draws more from gaming than from boutique fitness classes”

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“The real fun of Ergatta lies in its races and games”

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“If your knees can’t handle pounding the pavement anymore, try the well-designed, water-filled Ergatta Rower, a low-impact option for creaky joints”

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“It offers competitive games and tailored workouts that can automatically adjust as you improve”

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"Whooshing Water"

“Not only does it feel like you’re actually rowing in water, but it sounds like it, too”

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“Game-based workouts can keep individuals motivated to workout while quarantined at home”

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“The eye-pleasing design and gaming-inspired programming are well worth the investment”

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“The compact machine, crafted from American cherrywood, can be folded into the space of a barstool and easily wheeled between rooms for storage around the house”

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"Leagues Ahead"

“A rowing machine that’s leagues ahead of the competition”

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Customer Reviews

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Game changer of workout world

Arrived last week as promised at 8 weeks. I have been in the top sports club for 20 years in NYC - then pandemic has arrived and now they require the mask during workout. Understandable but it creates pimples and rashes on my face by sweating. Pandemic has changed the world while created new things- Ergatta in my life! Beautiful wood built like furniture in my living room and I can sit a few times a day when you have a spare time in my apartment even at midnight. This analytical screen makes me go -go-go. Beautiful routine addition in my life to keep me going. One of the best purchases in my life.

I can't stop rowing

This thing is amazing. It makes training really fun and has helped get me in better shape than I've been in for years. I know it will help prolong my physically demanding career and go a long way in keeping me injury free :)


Just Beautiful

For starters the craftsmanship of this machine is just beautiful. As sturdy as it looks it shockingly light in weight and very easy to maneuver for storage purposes, and really does not take up much room standing up. The workout its self is really something else. As I have built up my endurance through some of the workouts I did not think I could get through a 15 minute workout, however I have learned to pace and use a stroke rhythm that has helped me get through the workout. I have really felt stronger and more energized after my workouts even though we have other pieces of equipment.

Makes Working Out Addictive

I expected to like my new rowing machine, but am completely surprised by how much I LOVE it. It’s an excellent full body workout! What surprises me the most is how much I look forward to using it each day. The push programs, interval training, and races keep things fresh and fun while still motivating me to really push myself. I have never felt this addicted to exercise before! I highly recommend Ergatta as a worthwhile investment in your health.

My concept2 is gathering dust!

I have been an avid user of my concept2E and have had it for a decade now. I loved it but over time I lost motivation. So I decided to give the Ergatta a go. At first, I felt like I was betraying my roots. I was quick at finding faults and little annoyance and kept on comparing the row to that of the concept2. These complaints and uneasiness lasted 1day. After just 1 session (calibration session) on the ergatta, I had my son use it and had a rowing session with him as I was on the concept2 erg and he was on the ergatta (that he really likes, and that's saying something in itself!). I quickly realized then that I'd rather be on the ergatta than on the concept2!!!! One day, that's all it took.... now my C2-erg is looking at me sadly. I absolutely love the ergatta. I sometime have a strong row on the C2-erg, especially for a 7.5k or 10k open row as the seat and the foot=plate make it for a more comfortable experience. Still, if you ask me to give one up, sadly I have to say, it would be the C2 erg! Thank you Ergatta for making rowing fun and exciting for me again!

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