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Ergatta's unique workout experience is for those who thrive off of competition, sport and continuous improvement


“It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor”

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“Ergatta captures the competitive spirit of video game racing while delivering a full-body workout at the same time”

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“I became addicted to the whole gaming component of the workout”

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"Best rower 2021"

“Hate rowing but love video games? Ergatta challenges you to match paces throughout your rowing so you can sweat past race-style digitized obstacles”

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“The real fun of Ergatta lies in its races and games”

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“If your knees can’t handle pounding the pavement anymore, try the well-designed, water-filled Ergatta Rower, a low-impact option for creaky joints”

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“It offers competitive games and tailored workouts that can automatically adjust as you improve”

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"Gamified exercise"

“It’s a nice touch for people who don’t want a big, industrial-looking piece of equipment in their bedroom.”

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“Game-based workouts can keep individuals motivated to workout while quarantined at home”

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“The eye-pleasing design and gaming-inspired programming are well worth the investment”

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“The compact machine, crafted from American cherrywood, can be folded into the space of a barstool and easily wheeled between rooms for storage around the house”

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“What looks like a beautiful, vintage rowing machine is actually a high-tech and connected product that draws more from gaming than from boutique fitness classes”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
Wes Woodward (Palm Coast, FL)
Best rower

I am a big gamer and this rower has been the best purchase I have made in years. I haven’t even had it a month yet and I am at 150k meters rowed. The gaming aspect is what attracted me to this rower over the others I was considering. It really motivates me to keep going. The meteor programs are the most fun.

Customer (Lafayette, CA)
An exceptional workout that targets more of your body

Having had the machine now for a month and just finishing my first 5K sprint race, I can say that this workout system is perfect for what we were looking for. Targets the majority of your muscle groups, is lower impact than most exercises, provides a great way to increase your cardio workout, and supplements any running or cycling or classes you may already be doing. I can already feel myself getting stronger as the meters pile up, the interface really does push improvement in your workout efficiency and it's a fun way to burn calories. Look forward to hitting that million meter mark and improving form over time. It's a fantastic way to improve your health and well being.

The only thing it needs is an iPhone app and direct Workout integration and that's in the works (soon please)!

Natalie H. (Claremont, CA)
Very fun workout!

My husband and I are both hooked on the Ergatta program. We are both working on getting back in shape and it's been a gamechanger in helping us both stay motivated. My 4 year old son even uses it. It would be great if they added some kid-friendly programs that are easy to follow. He loves the races but doesn't quite get the meteor or the balls.

Amber Solidum (Kailua, HI)
Best Purchase of the Decade

This was easily the best purchase of the decade in our home. From the date I received it (early May) there hasn't been a day that it wasn't used. Just hit the 250K milestone this week and am LOVING this system tremendously. Happy wife, happy kids, happy home. See you all on the ranking board.

Michael Oliver (Windsor, CO)
Life changing and so much fun!

I was a person who lived in the gym in my 20's. After several injuries and then a busy physical job and life catching up to me; I gained weight, found myself fatigued and unhappy with myself. After years of neglect and abuse of my body I was ready to make a change. I did a ton of research and talked to people and decided that indoor rowing would be a great way to get back at it. Then there was the research for the right rower. The game play approach of the Ergatta was very appealing. It so surpassed my expectations! First the quality build of the water rower itself is incredible. It is beautiful, strong and efficient. Then comes the program. Oh my gosh it is slick. To have something so connected with your actual actions is so much more motivating than an instructor who isn't really there. To be able to see your progression in a clear way is very motivating. I use my rower daily. In 3 weeks I have been able to wear clothes I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. My aches and pains have gotten substantially better and I feel more confident and energetic than I have in a decade. I can't wait to see the progress I have in a year.

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