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"The Competitive Spirit of Video Game Racing While Delivering a Full Body Workout"


“It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor.”

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“Ergatta captures the competitive spirit of video game racing while delivering a full-body workout at the same time.”

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“I became addicted to the whole gaming component of the workout.”

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“It’s one of the most sophisticated-looking pieces of cardio equipment on the market.”

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“What looks like a beautiful, vintage rowing machine is actually a high-tech and connected product that draws more from gaming than from boutique fitness classes”

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“I love being motivated by games, and I think Ergatta gets the blend just right.”

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“It offers competitive games and tailored workouts that can automatically adjust as you improve”

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"Whooshing Water"

“Not only does it feel like you’re actually rowing in water, but it sounds like it, too.”

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“Game-based workouts can keep individuals motivated to workout while quarantined at home”

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Do you dislike overly cheerful, peppy, and talktative workout classes? The Ergatta is for you.

Love our Ergatta! If you are looking for happy exercise people to cheer you on, this is not for you. But if you are naturally competitive, looking for something engaging and challenging in a number of ways, this is a really, really great workout. Doesn't hurt that it is compact and aesthetically pleasing.

In hindsight, I would have been more ambitious when I entered my information, because the current calibration I'm on feels a bit slow. That said, it has me focusing on breath and form, so that's been helpful. Just found the meteor workouts and love them! I usually listen to a podcast while I row, but I found with these I really had to concentrate. The gentle whooshing of the water and focus on cadence is a sort of active meditation that I really look forward to.

My only feedback is that I would like a few videos that focus on form, and maybe for the open row, some water scenes!

Dad bod is the new hot

I bought the Ergatta to deal with the combined Covid and becoming a Dad two pronged attack on my fitness. It’s amazing. The HIIT workouts and races are incredibly motivating, the soothing sound of rushing water is my baby boys sleep aid and the equipment is classy. In fact, no one notices that it’s a rower, it just looks like some fine wooden piece of Bougie. Love itttt.

I love it ❤️❤️❤️

The quality of the workout is, of course, amazing. The gamification is compelling and keeps me coming back. I’m relatively new to rowing, so I like doing shorter workouts and focusing of form, but it’s so engaging that I’ll often do two workouts per day. Nice to look at, quiet, and easy to find space for. Love.

Ergatta: Where style meets function

Ergatta represents the intersection of style and function. It melds the harmony and beauty of fine furniture with an engaging and effective exercise experience. Initially, you may be drawn to it by its looks but soon you’ll get hooked on the personalized and almost addictive workout experience. Some refer to the Ergatta approach as video game inspired. That’s too simplistic an analogy. It’s a fun and engaging digital environment that leads you effortlessly on your own personal workout journey towards better fitness. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Love this machine

I love this, easy to store and unstore, realistic rowing feel, and great programs. As a side benefit my kids say the swooshing is very calming (lol).

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