The Ergatta Rower



Due to increased demand, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery & installation.

The Ergatta Rower includes everything you need to get complete, challenging and motivating workouts in the comfort of your home.

Ergatta membership sold separately. Includes unlimited profiles on a single device.

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Your Ergatta will be assembled, delivered and installed by a professional. $199 shipping charge applied at checkout.

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Your Ergatta is covered by a 5 year warranty on the structural frame, 3 year warranty on parts, and 1 year warranty on the tablet.

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If you’re not satisfied with Ergatta in your first month, we’ll completely refund your order plus provide complimentary pickup.

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Shown activated


Wheels on the back of the rower make it easily moved and stored with minimal effort by a single person.


Supports up to 500 pounds and a 40” inseam, which typically translates to up to 6’8” in height.


17.3” android-powered touchscreen, resolution of 1920 x 1080 full HD. Bluetooth-enabled for both heart-rate monitors and audio Wifi connection required.


Activated: 86“ x 23” x 40“

Stored: 86” x 23“ x 22.5”

Upright: 23” x 22.5” x 86”

Weight: 103 lbs, 76.5 lbs without water

Shown upright

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Just love it

I love this rower concept. I admit I was angry when the computer did not work due to a faulty wire when it first arrived. Thus, I had the rower, without the computer for three weeks. I could still use the rower for workouts, so I got used to it before the computer told me to take a 2000 meter calibration test. The wire replacement was easy. From the day I have had access to the computer to today is 6 weeks. I have only missed workouts on days I was skiing or hiking. I am addicted to the workouts. The workout set up keeps you engaged the entirety of the workout. I am amazed how fast time seems to fly and how exhausted I am when I am finished. I often do a workout followed by a race of different lengths. I have quickly increased my rowing to the point where I row over 5,000 meters a day. I am not near the top of the workout length as compared to hundreds of others who row more than I do a day. The workouts are recalibrated on a regular basis to meet your new abilities. I am also losing about a pound a week, as I am working out everyday now as opposed to my normal 3 times a week. Better than a gym membership. I did Orange Theory for three years, I really liked their workout routine. But I clearly workout harder and more regularly with Ergatta. Buy it.

Fun and Beautiful

I've had the Ergatta for nearly a month and I love it. I rowed a bit collegiately in university over a decade ago and never thought of getting a machine rower until I saw the Ergatta. The software's user interface is gorgeous and immensely engaging and keeps me coming back for more. I find myself wanting to row longer and harder than when I had the screen off, and I have loads more fun with it on.
Rowing the Ergatta has even helped me in my skiing! I've got far more endurance and stamina skiing than I had before without it. I love the Ergatta. It's a beautifully made machine blending it's gorgeous wooden frames and sleek touchscreen.

Buy it

I have had my rower for about three weeks, and I love it. It took 8 weeks to arrive (as stated on the product listing when the order was placed) and arrived preassembled by a third party delivery service. The assembly person had the seat on backwards, but it was easy for me to fix.
I have never been into cardio or HIIT, but I love using this machine. The games and races keep me engaged and help me focus on form. I don’t think I would use it as much without the screen. I can already see a difference in my body!
I had an issue with the plug, but the customer service was super fast and got the issue resolved quickly.

Great purchase

Not only is she gorgeous and a compliment to our hone gym, to use her is pure therapy. Physically it’s a powerhouse, but the sound is soothing and it’s not a tug of war to row. It’s smooth and easy and flows perfectly.

Love, love, love!

Could not be happier with this machine. I love the water, it makes you feel like you are actually rowing.

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