Your Frequently Asked Questions — Answered

Our excellent Customer Experience team is dedicated to making sure you stay in the know — whether it’s your first row or your thousandth. Here we rounded up your top questions for easy reference. If you don’t see your Q here, check out our complete FAQ catalog. Q: How do I set up my rower? … Continued

Inside the Woodshop — Warren, RI

In the small town of Warren, Rhode Island, craftsmen and women haul in raw planks of cherrywood to saw, sand, stain, and craft into Ergatta Rowers. Each rower is crafted by several hands, each bringing unique expertise, careful precision, and deep pride to their work. Partnered with Ergatta, WaterRower has spent the last 34 years … Continued

How Member Kerry L. Got Her Competitive Side Back

Since her days growing up as a competitive soccer player and Irish step dancer, Ergatta member Kerry L. hasn’t had much of a competitive outlet. That is—until Ergatta came into her life. “When I got the Ergatta, I saw the opportunity to win,” says Kerry. “The competition is all about the journey, and Ergatta gave … Continued

2021 Year In Review

2021 was an incredible year of growth and games for our Ergatta member community. Have a look at the milestones we achieved and distances we went together. Cheers to new challenges and connections in 2022.

Let’s Talk Game-Based Fitness

I grew up immersed in sports. I loved the competition, the camaraderie, and the fact that I could get lost in it. I loved the fact that a simple, arbitrary set of rules could create an experience that was incredibly motivating and engaging. I also love the way sports made me physically feel afterwards – … Continued