How Member Kerry L. Got Her Competitive Side Back

Since her days growing up as a competitive soccer player and Irish step dancer, Ergatta member Kerry L. hasn’t had much of a competitive outlet. That is—until Ergatta came into her life. “When I got the Ergatta, I saw the opportunity to win,” says Kerry. “The competition is all about the journey, and Ergatta gave … Continued

Track Your Heart Rate, Reach Your Fitness Goals

No longer solely reserved for the pros, heart rate monitors are an incredibly useful tool for anyone regardless of their fitness level. Ergatta has partnered with Polar as our preferred heart rate sensor, which can be easily linked to your rower so you get the most out of every single workout. Read on to learn … Continued

New Year, New Goals: How To Stick To Fitness Resolutions

Many people kick off the New Year with a big fitness resolution, but lots have trouble making it stick past January. Why? Whether you don’t have an accountability system or life just gets in the way, committing to long-term fitness goals can be difficult. But this year, why not break that streak and go with … Continued