With every workout, Ergatta offers a different way to achieve and improve, but one of our most important achievements is our Million Meter Marker. When a member hits one million lifetime meters rowed on their profile, they don’t just feel incredible: they also get to create their very own piece of the Ergatta experience. Million Meter Members earn the opportunity to design a custom workout that is released to the entire community. These member-designed workouts will live on the platform forever, each indicated by a “MMM Workout” prefix in their workout title and a signature from the user who created them in the workout description.

When you hit the mark, you’ll receive an email from Ergatta to invite you to design your workout. Once you design your workout, we will upload it onto the platform for you, and announce it via email and our social media channels to the rest of our community.

Try the unique workouts that have been created by some of our Million Meter Members:

  • 60 Min Hour of Payne by @houseofpayne
  • 8,000m Ocean Row by @sgthomas
  • 13,312m Triumvirate by @tritonx
  • 15,000m 5k Repeater by @bdub
  • 60 Min The Grand Final by @dleecycles
  • 11,000m Character Builder by @john
  • 20 Min Fluffy Bunny by @Menning
  • 35 Min Power Training by @prasanna
  • 40 Min Split Improver by @FredthePious
  • 11,000m Winter Countdown to Speed by @bwmoorman
  • 60 Min Catch Me if You Can by @Budman
  • 4,000m Chutes and Ladders by @Mystech
  • 45 Min Make Your Bed by @ShawnyT
  • 6,800m Longer Chutes and Higher Ladders by @MitchRob
  • 30 Min Water Bearer by @rower88
  • 60 Min WhereFunGoes2Die by @Odysseus5757
  • 60 Min BaronVonMeow’s HoP by @BaronVonMeow
  • 3,100m Half Life by @Brian
  • 45 Minute Rowaway Jim by @MrBologna
  • 41 Min Class 4 Rapids by @Jayco141
  • 30 Min Sauce’s Tabatta by @Sauce
  • 15 Min Trenegizer by @Aimonwi
  • 42 Min I’m Your Huckleberry by @Xerocool
  • 23 Min Armageddon by @Maserati.Mike
  • 30 Min Hybrid Joyride by @Hergatta
  • 35 Min Reserve by @SRK6
  • 32 Min The Four Elements by @Uncle_Iroh
  • 40 Min 3-2-1 Ups and Downs by @JeffinVA
  • 15 Min Ready to Move by @crutledge
  • 18,000m Race Medley by @EBalunis
  • 30 Min Milo’s Meander by @Meesh
  • 20 Min Hangover Routine by @JonW
  • 31 Min MARS Climber by @3rdDegreeMM
  • 33,333m English Channel by @Sully
  • 55 Min 3-Course Meal by @DiMaSu
  • 12,000m Sprint Stack by @ericl
  • 5 Min Last Ladder by @Relly
  • 30 Min Daily Dose by @avneron
  • 45 Min Suit by @Christhesuit
  • 9,999m Sammy’s River Row by @gangineni
  • 60 Min Rowing in the Clouds by @Johnza62