The Rower | Ergatta

Artfully designed

Backed by WaterRower’s three decades of handcrafted tradition. Made using premium Appalachian hardwoods for longevity, dimensional stability, and appealing aesthetics.

Smooth and Natural

Feel like you’re on the water with the glide of each nearly-silent stroke. Our water-based rowers are easy on the back with evenly-distributed, automatically-adjusting resistance. Fill tank once & done. Minimal maintenance required.

Why water resistance?
Easy on the back

Resistance is evenly distributed throughout the stroke, taking strain off your back while making your arms and core pick up more of the work.


Resistance adjusts with your effort, meaning harder strokes meet more resistance, just like on the water.

Quiet and soothing

No mechanical sound or feel; no slippage or catching like some electromagnetic or air-fan rowers; and no problem for sleeping babies in the next room.


The original, uniquely elegant design, handcrafted with cherrywood.

Perfect for living spaces, home offices, bedrooms, and home gyms.

Extended rails support individuals up to 6’8” and 500lbs.

Lightweight: 105lbs with water. Safe for all floor types.

17.3” HD Touchscreen, Bluetooth and Apple Watch compatible.

Contoured rail cut-outs make for easy handling.

Folds and stores upright with no additional equipment.

The compact and nimble design, handcrafted from oak wood.

Turn any nook or cranny of your living space into an exercise area.

Supports individuals up to 6’4” and 320lbs.

Ultralight: 72lbs with water. Safe for all floor types.

17.3” HD Touchscreen, Bluetooth and Apple Watch compatible.

Folds and stores upright with no additional equipment.

Shorter overall length makes for easy storage in closets or under short ceilings.


About 2’ x 2’ in storage and 7’ x 2’ in use, both rowers store in the space of a barstool and can be easily wheeled around by one person. No additional hardware or drilling necessary.

Stands the test of time

Quality-built to outlast its 5-Year Warranty. The water tank is sealed; fill it once with no need to change. Just drop in our purification tablets twice a year — we’ll remind you.

The Press
"Elegant Furniture"

"It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor"


"The sleek wooden look makes it a worthy centerpiece of any room"


"Its show-stopping cherry wood frame makes it a timeless piece for any home gym – and room”


Handmade in the USA

Our rowers are made in partnership with WaterRower, the leader in water-based rowing machines for over 30 years.


Both the Ergatta Rower and Ergatta Lite are outfitted with the same touchscreen and offer complete access to Ergatta’s game-based experience, plus pair with Apple Watch, Strava, headphones, and heart rate sensors.


How easy is it to move and store?

The rowers are designed to be easily moved and stored by a single person with ease. The rower is maneuverable with 2 base wheels, and easily folds and stands up to store away after every use, if desired.

What maintenance is required?

Ergatta rowers are very low maintenance. Water in the tank remains permanently clear with provided purification tablets, and never needs to be changed. Care for your rower by wiping off sweat after workouts.

How loud is the rower?

The quiet, water-based whooshing sound won’t wake housemates up, nor bother neighbors living above or below you.

What floor types are safe with Ergatta?

The rower is safe for all floor types, including hardwood and carpet. Some members prefer to use a mat to catch sweat, but this is optional.

Is Ergatta available in other colors?

Ergatta rowers are available in classic cherry wood, finished with a darker stain, or in a light-colored oak wood with a bright gloss finish to meet all home aesthetics.



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