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We know we need top talent to thrive. Not only do we offer competitive salaries, but every single full-time offer includes an equity or option component to make sure company success is everyone’s success.

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Full health benefits

Fitness is just a pillar of wellness – we’ve got you covered on the rest. That includes comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage, with 100% premium covered for individuals.

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Career Growth

Top talent chooses to work at Ergatta for the ability to grow. We believe in bringing top people into our organization and giving them the space and opportunity to grow with us.


We encourage our employees to become power users. Enjoy a free rower & membership -- plus, discounts for your friends and family.

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We support working practices that suit new realities, responsibilities, and schedules. With our unlimited PTO policy, we encourage everyone to take time away from work to recharge and reconnect.

Mission-driven culture

We are lucky enough to work on a product that genuinely transforms people’s days and lives.


"We approach development of new software features with constructive discussions made possible with the level of empathy and listening skills that people have here. It creates a culture of encouragement, support, and collaboration that helps us create new things together and learn from one another." - Colin Godsey, Engineering Tech Lead


"I really do believe that I have one of, if not the most, rewarding jobs at Ergatta because the output of my work (and now my team’s work!) is the people we work alongside every day. Some of my favorite searches have been those in which we’ve created an entirely new career path for someone to leverage their unique and relatively niche skill set (e.g. game development) and apply it to an entirely new industry that they had never thought of before, where they can truly make a profound positive impact on the lives of our customers." - Bree Franklin, Director of Talent Acquisition


"The big tipping point to join Ergatta was when I had my first hands-on live demo of the Ergatta experience. The immersive and responsive feel of my rowing activity with the gameplay on screen was like nothing I had ever experienced. The amount they were able to build in such a short time was truly impressive and was a direct reflection of the rockstar team that I would be working with each day." - Chang Yu, VP of Product


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A Warning about Recruiting Scams

We value the trust of our visitors and are committed to maintaining the integrity of our hiring process.  We also feel it's crucial to highlight the prevalence of recruitment scams that exploit unsuspecting job seekers by impersonating reputable companies.

Please be aware of fraudulent job postings and potential scams that may circulate online. These scams often involve unauthorized individuals posing as representatives of our company, promising employment opportunities in exchange for personal or financial information.

These scams often involve deceptive tactics such as arranging sham interviews, distributing forged branding and employment information, and occasionally issuing fraudulent offer letters. Their primary objective is to deceive individuals into disclosing sensitive personal information or making monetary payments.

As you advance in your job search, please proceed with caution regarding the following points.

- Be wary of messages from individuals or websites that you're not familiar with or whose domain names don't match the actual business. 
- While our recruiters may reach out to candidates through LinkedIn, they won't contact candidates using email addresses not associated with the following specific domains: Ergatta ( or our recruiting partner Hireworks (
- We will never reach out to candidates with emails from accounts that use free accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. 
- No fees or requests for private information
- Our company does not require payment of any kind for job applications, interviews, or training. Be wary of any requests for payment as a condition of employment.
- Be wary of requests for sensitive personal information during the application process, such as your national identification number, date of birth, social security number, national insurance number, bank account details, passport information, or any ID document numbers.
- Before providing any personal information, verify the identity of the individual or organization you are communicating with. Look for inconsistencies in email addresses, website URLs, and contact information.

Research job offers: 
- Research the company offering the job and the job description itself. 
- Be skeptical of offers that seem too good to be true or lack detailed information about the company and the position.
- Be wary of unsolicited messages where the recruiter claims to have found your resume on an unfamiliar site.