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“It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor”

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“What looks like a beautiful, vintage rowing machine is actually a high-tech and connected product that draws more from gaming than from boutique fitness classes”

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“I became addicted to the whole gaming component of the workout”

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“If your knees can’t handle pounding the pavement anymore, try the well-designed, water-filled Ergatta Rower, a low-impact option for creaky joints”

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“The eye-pleasing design and gaming-inspired programming are well worth the investment”

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“The real fun of Ergatta lies in its races and games”

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“Hate rowing but love video games? Ergatta challenges you to match paces throughout your rowing so you can sweat past race-style digitized obstacles”

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“It’s a nice touch for people who don’t want a big, industrial-looking piece of equipment in their bedroom.”

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“Game-based workouts can keep individuals motivated to workout while quarantined at home”

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“It offers competitive games and tailored workouts that can automatically adjust as you improve”

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“Ergatta captures the competitive spirit of video game racing while delivering a full-body workout at the same time”

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“The compact machine, crafted from American cherrywood, can be folded into the space of a barstool and easily wheeled between rooms for storage around the house”

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Based on 664 reviews
Rowing in the right direction

Enjoyed my first month on my Ergatta. Best B-day present in years!

The Ergatta Rower
Get better with time

I row daily and I love it. The races are great and I’m getting better at them

Perfect for me!

I'm someone who is not only overweight but has also lived with Multiple Sclerosis for about 30 years. One of the areas I struggle with is balance so other forms if exercise can be difficult to maintain. Not something I need to worry about with Ergatta. It has been a life saver and although I have a long way to go, I'm going further and faster every day. Excited to reach each milestone!

The Ergatta Rower
Annalisa R.
So much fun!

I'm brand new to rowing and I just love Ergatta's programs, including one especially for beginners that gets you used to rowing, form, pace, etc. great workout, fun gaming style programs. Love it!!

Perfect for Fitness

This is simply the perfect fit for our lives and our home. We use the rower daily, and it’s been a game-changer. Even our teenage grandkids like to use it! My two wishes — and I hope Ergatta comes up with options — are (1) to provide an iPad interface to allow access to online content, and (2) to expand the “open row” library for places that include North America.

The Ergatta Rower
Michael K.
Exactly what I was looking for!

I bought the Ergatta to supplement the cycling and running load that I do, and it fits the bill perfectly.
Beautifully designed machine, with an excellent UI that makes the training both interactive and "fun". I knew after one session that I was going to love it, and 30 days and a lot of sweat later, still do!

Everything we were hoping for in a rower, and more.

We bought the Ergatta shortly after it launched. It took several months to arrive due to backorders, but was eventually delivered by a professional. We have never owned a rower before, though we've used them in years past at the gyms. We didnt know exactly what to expect but we had done our research and felt like this was the best choice over some other similar rowers out on the market. Within a few weeks, my teen girls and wife and I had all set up profiles. The girls are athletes, devoted to soccer, and my wife and I wanted to get fit with rowing, running, and weightlifting. The Ergatta fit perfectly into all of this. The girls for a few months were using it regularly which was awesome during the snowy/cold winter months, and my wife and I can use it before or after our workouts for cardio and when its not convenient to run outside if its bad weeather or too late in the day. The quality of the machine and software are really high. The build quality is just excellent, with a feeling that you got exactly what you were paying for and that it will last a long time. It's also gorgeous and a sort of statement piece in our room, so theres that too. The software is really good, and continues to actually get even better with the updates. The way the activities and workout programs are designed really creates a mindset that you want to win, you want to beat your last time and hit new records. It makes you want to beat that other person or virtual competitor as you race. It's really cool, and I find myself every time pushing faster and harder because I can see how close I am to the bonus points, or how I am neck and neck with another racer. Aso, without going into detail we've tried out a few beta testing programs that look pretty cool if they become new activities going forward, which is encouraging because Ergatta appears to be always looking to improve and expand the offerings if they make sense. Since we bought ours, we've had about 14 months of usage. Our machine gets used several times a week on average and it feels as good as it did on day one. We've replaced a small amount of water in the tank which is easy to do and added a chlorine tab (which Ergatta sent us complimentarily) to keep the water fresh. All in all, this was a big purchase for us and we didnt know exactly what to expect, but we wouldnt change a thing going back.


I waited a few months after purchasing my Ergatta package to write a review. I can unequivocally state that l LOVE my rower! I am not a person who enjoys group exercise classes or the cheerleader-style of coaching. The Ergatta is the perfect platform for me with the video game graphics and all of the analytics. It is motivating and it keeps me coming back. I also enjoy the peaceful whooshing sound of the water in the rower. The rower is beautiful, high quality and easy to move around.

The Ergatta Rower
Love it!

I really love my rower. I have a back injury that doesn’t allow me much of a workout but this machine gives me an all body workout. I love it!

Best At Home Equipment Ever

I’ve been doing CrossFit class for 7 years and love it because I could never get into at home workouts, but Ergatta is just different. It’s a full body workout that is fun and keeps you motivated. The variety of workouts is great for the type of mood or workout you’re looking for, long or shot. Love the Ergatta.

Best experience for cardio

I love my ergatta! I like the way I feel after a workout, race etc. I am 59 and never rowed before except the occasional lake experience. I feel stronger everyday that I row. I would like to see more open row views.

Game Changer!

I had a rower for a year and liked it but didn't love it. I purchased the Ergatta in March 2022 and what a game and life changer! I have always hated working out and now I get sad when I don't have time. The different workouts you can choose fit any schedule you might have, whether you can work out for 15 minutes or you have time for a full workout. The "game" nature of the workouts really motivates me to do my best and not slack while pushing me to get better and quicker. I've improved my form with this as it keeps me in check and allows me to pace myself better. I'm so glad I bought this and look forward to getting healthier as I continue with my rower! Thank you, Ergatta!

Ergatta experience

after initial setup was accomplished with expert help from the company, I have found the workouts to be effective, challenging and engaging. I look forward to my morning row. an excellent experience overall that I hope to continue until the thing actually sinks

Didn't expect to like it this much

I've never been big into cardio, but Ergatta has really helped with its programs. Having owned the machine for 2 months now, I've completed the first two series in the Starter Program and I'm feeling better than I have in a decade. Also, living in a one bedroom loft, having the ability to fold up and stand makes this machine not only great for my body, but also great for our loft aesthetic.

This is a great investment!

I am VERY pleased with my Ergatta. As I am rowing, it seems so effortless and the sound of the water soothes my soul. I am a very satisfied customer!

The Ergatta Rower
Melanie P.
It’s a great investment!

I find myself rowing whenever I have a few minutes as well as longer, planned work outs. The technology is very entertaining and the machine is meditative. Having never towed before, I researched rowers for about 6 months before pulling the trigger and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long! I highly recommend this machine. Take the time to get your form right. That’s my best advice.

Amazing Machine and Fun

I'm over a month in. This machine makes exercising entertaining and easy. Definitely to all the setup courses and then move on to a beginner's set. Go through the beginner's set before moving on. I am in intermediate now and just did a recalibration. After you've used it for a while the system recalibrates based on what you've accomplished and how well you are pulling. Really cool. This means you don't have to worry about changing weights or how many reps your doing, because Ergatta does it for you automatically without you having to do more than row.
The machine is solid and looks great. I love how easy it is to connect a Bluetooth speaker and heart monitor. The music library already included is pretty great. I use Rock and get Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Paramore and many more. Other cool thing is I've discovered a few new bands thanks to the programming.
It's not cheap but as they say you get what you pay for!

Blew my expectations in performance and customer service

I am thrilled with my rower! As an aging athlete I appreciate the power of rowing without the pounding on my body. Ergatta is a class act. The touch screen and programs are fabulous. And when you contact the customer service they are human! They make things happen the way customer service used to be! Impressive!! Thanks you.


A beautiful machine inside and out. The software is clearly well made and intuitive. Whole experience was exactly as advertised, which seems hard to find these days.

Nothing I’ve expected

I get so bored in my exercises and end up quitting an exercise regiment. The ergatta makes me want to get on the machine to get more minutes in and go longer. I like to see how far I’ve come in my goals and this helps to keep track. I haven’t once regretted purchasing the ergatta it definitely gave me a bang for my buck. I’m falling in love with working out again.

The Ergatta Rower
Lindsey G.

Hello Ergatta,

This has been the best experience. My daily go to for workouts without the strain on my knees and ankles. Gets my everything moving. As they say a body in motion stays in motion and this does it!!! I love the courses, challenges and interactions. Total game changer for my life. Well done!

First Class Rower!

This is my lifetime FAVORITE machine for smooth, fun, invigorating workouts! And it's GORGEOUS! If price is your sticking point, I can only say that it's been worth every dime I spent!

Everything we wanted and more!

If you're still thinking about making the purchase... do it!! My husband and I have both been loving it and have been working out with it even more consistently than expected! The different types of training gives up plenty of opportunity to switch things up and do what works for us depending on how much time we have, etc. Very engaging and exactly what I need to keep me coming back each day. Also love how BEAUTIFUL it looks in out home! Truly the best rower money can buy.

The Ergatta Rower
Matthew S.P.

Excellent presentation, I find it very informative capturing all my interest with detailed description.. as t a two-time cancer survivor and close to 3 month coma to where I have to learn how to walk talk and eat again thanking God in Jesus Christ for making it through, I'm absolutely amazed at the design and creativeness that must have been well thought out to present this health innovating piece of exercise equipment that will extend people's lives!!!!

Not a fan of exercise

My husband is not a fan of exercise, and we're both over 55 so I wanted to find a solution that would not involve stress on our knees, feet, and back, but would also be something we enjoyed and kept us using it. The Ergatta is awesome! The gaming interface really stimulated his sense of competition, and since it's a total-body workout that doesn't cause joint pain, it's a big win! He's getting cardio and strength and fun from his workouts! I love exercise, but I struggle with sore feet and a back injury with running & walking, and in the winter I can't ride my bike outside. Indoor stationary biking gets monotonous for me. I love the open row, the competitions, the sound of the swooshing water, and the total body workout. This was money well spent!