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"The interactive games are ingenious...we got more from a 20 minute Ergatta session than we have from a Hydrow or Peloton class."


"It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor."

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"What looks like a beautiful, vintage rowing machine is actually a high-tech and connected product that draws more from gaming than from boutique fitness classes."

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“I became addicted to the whole gaming component of the workout.”

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"If your knees can’t handle pounding the pavement anymore, try the well-designed, water-filled Ergatta Rower, a low-impact option for creaky joints."

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"The eye-pleasing design and gaming-inspired programming are well worth the investment."

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"The real fun of Ergatta lies in its races and games."

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"Hate rowing but love video games? Ergatta challenges you to match paces throughout your rowing so you can sweat past race-style digitized obstacles."

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"It’s a nice touch for people who don’t want a big, industrial-looking piece of equipment in their bedroom."

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"Game-based workouts can keep individuals motivated to workout while quarantined at home."

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"It offers competitive games and tailored workouts that can automatically adjust as you improve."

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"Ergatta captures the competitive spirit of video game racing while delivering a full-body workout at the same time."

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"The compact machine, crafted from American cherrywood, can be folded into the space of a barstool and easily wheeled between rooms for storage around the house."

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"Rowing machines are large and pricey and most of them aren’t going to look great in your living room. The new Ergatta Lite is the perfect antidote to this quandary.”


"With its gaming-inspired content experience, Ergatta once again zigs where so many other companies zag"

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Pain-free daily exercise

I have had long-term injuries from a car crash and couldn't exercise hard enough without causing immense pain (running, elliptical, weights, stair stepper - everything hurt). I am now able to exercise daily with Ergatta pain-free! I feel stronger, and better about myself so far. I look forward to working out now that I have this machine in my life.

Life saver

Easy to use. Beautiful to look at. And saving my life.

Fun & Engaging Workout

So far it is everything we hoped it would be. It is fun, engaging and a great workout.

High quality rower with great customer support

The water rower itself is the highest quality rowing machine on the market and the Ergatta platform is great for engagement and motivation. I like the Ergatta community on FB, they are helpful and encouraging. The one issue I reported to Ergatta was fixed within one day and all customer support interaction has always been positive.

Endless fun

The format of games, competition and variety of workouts makes Ergatta endless fun


I think the gaming interface is brilliant. I struggle being motivated to exercise and the interface really engages me. I don’t focus on the time at all - I’m locked in and am like a cat chasing a laser pointer! Lol

Also, I was all set to get a HydroRower but my new neighbor mentioned his new Ergatta rower and invited me to check it out. The reason I wanted the HydroRower was because I wanted to be able to see myself on actual water. He showed me the open rowing feature and only then did I realize I could get that on the Ergatta.

And finally, I love the sound of the water tank. I used to row a lot when I was a kid and now that I’m an adult I love kayaking. Something about hearing the water is really engaging to me.

Love it all

I love everything about it - Beautiful, easy to figure out, ultra portable, great workout

Every day workout

It's a great workout platform, and something that I look forward to doing every day!

Awesome Rower!!! Great experience

Only had rower for less than 1 month. But absolutely love it. This was an upgrade from a regular rower with small little screen that just tracked time and spm, etc. This gaming rower experience as been amazing, Love all the programs. You won't be bored. In fact you'll forget about how many mins you've been rowing and just enjoy the challenge of the games.

Highly recommend

I have recommended Ergatta to friends that have asked about my experience with ergatta

Addicting Cardio

It’s the only cardio I’ve ever done that makes me eager to go back.

Not a gamer, but loving the games!

Makes it fun to exercise. Love the "gaming" feel even though I'm not a gamer. But it makes it something to focus on as I row

Engaging games

I like the look of the machine, the games keep me engaged and so do my neighbors who are my rivals.

Improved physical & mental health

I love my Ergatta. I love that it uses water, and I love the open row scenes. I was expecting my physical health to improve by using the Ergatta, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my mental health. Some mornings, I don’t even play music. I just listen to the movement of the water.

Beautiful and FUN

Rower is beautiful. The feel of it is so much better than mechanical rower. And the programs are fun!

Fun and Accessible

This is the first time in my life that exercise has been both fun and easily accessible

Finally a workout I enjoy

I have always struggled finding a type of workout I would enjoy (gym, personal trainer, peloton). It was always a chore. With Ergatta, I enjoy and feel challenged by every workout. The experience keeps me coming back to the rower, almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Focused and entertained

I’ve always been into working out, but over the past few years have grown kind of bored with my usual workouts. I despise super fitness models acting as trainers in a cult like atmosphere. The Ergatta keeps me focused and entertained, and I can coach myself to my own music in my own home and not worry about somebody screaming ridiculous motivational platitudes at me while I try to focus on training

Addicting full body workout

The workouts are addictive. Works so many parts of my body. No soreness the next day. Easy on my joints. Tech is up to date. Has relevant music options and scenery.


Gamification awesome! Beautiful machine with smooth experience.

Great for beginners

The rower is very well made and good looking. As a beginner rower - I am really enjoying the Push programs and the encouraging emails!

Gamification makes the difference

I owned a Waterrower for 20 years and finally upgraded to a new Ergatta. It was totally worth it and has reinvigorated my workouts. It's the same high quality rower and the gamification aspect makes it a blast to use almost daily. My strength training has benefitted from the full-body cardio of the Ergatta too. Highly recommend!

The Ergatta Rower
Great Investment

My wife had foot surgery and couldn’t use her VersaClimber for 8 weeks, so she needed an alternative. I had a heart attack six months ago and wanted something fun yet challenging to build my health back. I had rowed the Concept 2 when I was in CrossFit and knew a rower would be a good choice for both of us. I shopped Concept 2, Hydrow, WaterRower and a few others and decided on the Ergatta because of the interactive games. I watched the demonstration for Meteor, Echo, Pulse and the racing competitions which sold me on the Ergatta. Ever since it arrived I look forward to working out everyday. The programming is very logical and allows you to set the type of workout and length and the Classic Rock music selections are very good. The sound quality sucks, but who cares since it’s about the workout. I do the Meteor most of the time because it’s fun and the Meteor speeds up the stronger I row. That’s a bit different than the Echo which is more for stroke rate training. I’ve Donne a few of the races and let the machine pick my competition and that’s been fun although my competitive nature makes me overwork to blow away the other rowers which is dangerous for me. I like the way it saves my progress and stats and I pair it with my Apple Watch then use my Polar HR with my iPhone to record my effort.
Now the second part of the review: The machine is very well built and smooth. I like the fact I don’t have to decide how much resistance like the Concept 2. I just want to row and know I’d set it at 10 if I had the choice. Then I’d get bored with the machine feeling I always had to row at 10. My wife likes the sound of the water rushing and I agree it is soothing. So glad we decided on the Ergatta.

Ergatta Lite
Richard C.
We love our Ergatta Lite

We’ve had our lite for a little over a month now. Loving it. For the last couple of years I’ve been working out on a bike indoor trainer and recently I’ve been using our Ergatta more, since I feel like I’m getting a more complete workout. Not only are my legs involved, but my upper body gets activated.

Ergatta Lite
Gabija P.
Makes working out fun

I’m having a blast breaking in my new Ergatta Lite. The workout options are so dynamic, and the push programs are designed to get you reaching for goals —taking away the need to create your own goals, especially helpful for those new to rowing. I’m excited to use Ergatta, and am very happy with my decision to join the team