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I grew up immersed in sports. I loved the competition, the camaraderie, and the fact that I could get lost in it. I loved the fact that a simple, arbitrary set of rules could create an experience that was incredibly motivating and engaging. I also love the way sports made me physically feel afterwards – accomplished, healthy, satisfied.

In adulthood, I struggled to find a fitness routine that I enjoyed and that fit into my life. I played sports or hiked mountains on the weekend, but I needed to break a sweat almost every day in order to feel good.

When I looked at my everyday fitness options, they either hurt my knees, didn’t work for my schedule, or just bored me. Somehow every workout option seemed to involve a class with an overly enthusiastic instructor.

Classes just didn’t quite do it for me: I found myself rolling my eyes, the workouts weren’t tailored to me, and following along with an instructor just wasn’t engaging enough to pull me in. My co-founders and I agreed: what we wanted wasn’t out there, so we were going to design something new.

We built our product around 3 core ideas
Designed for the home first

As New Yorkers, we know not everyone has the space for a separate home gym. Our product needed to look at home in the living room.

A smart, efficient workout

Like many busy people, we wanted a quick option for a full-body workout, which led us straight to rowing. Plus my knees were shot from 15 years of running.

Game-based content experience

Our content needed to be highly interactive and engaging. Most importantly, we wanted to capture the magic of a competitive sport or game to make people actually want to do it.

We built Ergatta, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

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Tom Aulet
Co-Founder & CEO

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