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$100 Visa Gift Card $50 Visa Gift Card
20% off Ergatta Apparel 20% off Ergatta Apparel
extra $50 off the promotional price extra $50 off the promotional price



Share $25 off the WaterRower Upgrade Kit with your friends & family. When they make their first purchase, you'll earn a $25 Visa gift card.


Share $25 off the Concept2 Connection Kit with your friends and family. When they make their first purchase, you'll earn a $25 Visa gift card.


What is Ergatta's Refer-A-Friend Program?

The Ergatta Refer-a-Friend Program allows active users (Referrers) to refer friends and family to Ergatta's services and earn rewards for successful referrals.

Who can participate in the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Any individual who is an active user of Ergatta's services in the United States can become a Referrer.

Who is considered a Referred Customer?

A Referred Customer is someone in the United States who visits the Ergatta website using a unique Refer-a-Friend Site link provided by a Referrer and is eligible to use Ergatta's services. The Referrer and the Referred Customer cannot be the same person.

What is a Qualified Referral Purchase, Referral Offer, and Referral Reward?

A Qualified Referral is a bona fide first-time purchase of Ergatta products worth at least US$1,449 (for the Ergatta Lite), US$1,949 (for the Ergatta Rower) or US$474 (for the WaterRower Upgrade), excluding taxes, discounts, shipping charges, returns, canceled transactions, and third-party fees. Apparel or accessories purchases alone do not qualify as a "Qualified Referral."

A Referral Offer is a reward given to the Referred Customer in the form of a unique code that can be applied at checkout, the value of which is determined by Ergatta. The specific offer is associated with the Referrer's unique Refer-a-Friend link and varies by Product. The Referral Offer does change from time to time and referral codes do expire at the end of the month of the referral date.

A Referral Reward is a reward given to the Referrer for a successful Qualified Referral, the value of which is determined by Ergatta. Referrers may earn up to a maximum of US$600 in Referral Rewards value per calendar year. The specific reward offered is associated with the Referrer's unique Refer-a-Friend link.

How do I participate as a Referrer?

To participate, click on the "Refer a Friend" link, enter your name and email, and follow the instructions to share your unique Refer-a-Friend Site link through email, social media, SMS, or by copying the link and sharing it directly with friends and family.

What happens when a Referred Customer makes a purchase using my link?

The Referred Customer will receive an offer associated with your unique Refer-a-Friend Site link, and you will receive a Referral Reward within fourteen (14) days following a purchase made by a Qualified Referral, provided it is not canceled or returned.

Can I share my referral link with anyone?

No, your unique referral link is for obtaining Qualified Referrals only and cannot be shared, sold, or used in any other way. Links shared through other sources will not be honored.

What happens if a Referred Customer cancels their purchase or returns the product?

If a Referred Customer cancels or returns the product, you will no longer be eligible for a Referral Reward.

Do Referral Offer Codes or Referral Rewards expire?

For Referred Customers. Ergatta’s reserves the right to change the Referral Offer from time to time. To redeem the current offer, the Referred customer must make an applicable purchase within the month the referral was received. The Referrer can resend a new code with current offer(s), if the Referred Customer's offer has expired.

For Referrers. The digital Visa Gift Card rewards can be redeemed within five years. After that time if the reward has not been redeemed, the reward expires. Once redeemed, the expiration for the digital Visa Gift Card reward is 6 months. Please, keep an eye on the expiration date listed within the card page. We will not issue replacements for unused, expired digital Visa Gift Card rewards.

Are there any restrictions on participation in the program?

The program cannot be used for affiliate lead generation, posted on discount sites, or used for final sale products. It is also not combinable with other Ergatta offers or promotions. If you are interested in becoming an Ergatta Affiliate please email

What do I do if I am having an issue sending or receiving a referral code?

If you are having difficulty sending or receiving a referral offer, please contact

My question is not listed in the FAQs

Please visit our Refer-A-Friend Terms and Conditions or reach out to with additional questions.