WaterRower Upgrade Package



Ergatta’s WaterRower Upgrade Package includes everything you need to turn your WaterRower into a connected fitness machine. Compatible with all WaterRower S4 machines.

Ergatta membership sold separately. 

Units are now shipping in 3-4 weeks. US only. Please note payment will be taken at the time of processing to secure a position in our order pipeline, as all product is currently built to order.

Your Upgrade Package Includes

Hardware Add-Ons

Hardware Add-Ons

A mounting arm to match your WaterRower wood type, a 17.3 digital tablet, a power cord, and necessary components to assemble and enable data connectivity from your S4 monitor.

30 Day Returns

30 Day Returns

If you’re not satisfied with Ergatta in your first month, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.



3-year limited warranty on the mounting arm and component parts, and a 1 year limited warranty on the digital tablet.

Four ways to get your workout in. With more on the way.

Push Programs

Push Programs

Goal-based training plans designed around a final challenge to keep you moving forward.



Interval-based HIIT and Endurance workouts structured around intelligent goals and real-time feedback.

Race Workouts

Race Workouts

Competitive races that put you head-to-head against the Ergatta community.

Open Row

Open Row

Self-led and visually stimulating time- and distance-based workouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Totally worth the investment

I have owned my Water Rower for several years and have used it and liked it. I got the Ergatta add-on in January and now I really use and I LOVE it. It makes it fun and if you're competitive, this will really help you. Trying to hit targets or improve your performance keeps it from being boring. You compete with yourself and compete with others. The Ergatta Facebook community is so supportive and it's inspiring to see others achieve goals and hit milestones. If you're thinking of buying a rower, this is the one. If you already own a Water Rower like I did, trust me - buy the Ergatta add-on.

Exceptional, and addictive, experience

I recently decided to get back in to shape after years of neglect. I started running again and sprained my MCL. I have always wanted to get into rowing but never wanted to buy a big piece of equipment that would only engage me with a set of numbers on a little digital clock.
The idea of a gaming style interface, with compact storage, and a low impact full body cardio workout seemed to be what I was looking for.
I have had Ergatta for less than a month and I have missed just one day. It is truly addictive. The community attached to it is phenomenal. I have never felt more engaged with a workout program. I find myself looking forward to my next session. In the first few weeks I saw my efficiency, power, and endurance increase. I have lost about 15 pounds. My sleep has improved and I wake up fresh at 5:30am ready to get my rowing session in. This machine has been just one part of creating a healthy and simple, yet transformational, routine in my home.
One of the great things about the system is the opportunity to find what you need. Workouts can be 10-60 minutes long, or longer. There are HIIT workouts and endurance workouts. If you have 15 minutes, great, if you have 30 minutes, great. You can always find something to fit your goals. I also love that the system is designed to keep you challenged. It learns from your progress and occasionally re-calibrates so that you don't settle into a comfort zone.
I did not buy the full machine from Ergatta. I ended up buying a natural finish Waterrower and then buying the Ergatta Waterrower upgrade kit. Install couldn't be easier.
I couldn't be more grateful to have made the decision to become part of the Ergatta community.

I love it

I got the WaterRower Upgrade Package as I already had the WaterRower. I am driven by competition, so I already knew this would be the perfect upgrade for me. Due to my nature, I definitely push myself harder in the races than I would just rowing on my own. Because I have been going through some weird health issues (tumor in my head) for the past 7 months, finding any motivation to do a workout is incredibly difficult. The Interval Workouts help me to get in a more comfortable pace that I find calming and I have found the Push Programs are great for keeping me coming back even when I really don't feel up to it.

The WaterRower is great on its own, and was even better with the latest Apple+ rower workout classes, but I have really enjoyed the addition of the Ergatta platform and am so happy we made the purchase. And while I know they are working on it, I am still really hoping that integration with Apple Health comes out soon. 🤞🏼

Best Fitness Investment

Love, love, love my Ergatta! I had already settled on getting a WaterRower when I started seeing the Ergatta ads. And, I immediately recognized that the Ergatta component would significantly increase the likelihood that I would row harder and more often. That has been 100% the case. Having spent nearly 5 years in a workout program using the WaterRower, I can confidently say that the Ergatta experience drives me harder than I could have driven myself for my in home workouts. It isn't just the races either. The Interval workouts ask you to complete a certain level of intensity for a period of time, and when a challenge is put before me, I can't help but push to complete it. The new Meteor workouts take that same concept a step further and add an even stronger drive to keep hitting each token.

Without the Ergatta experience, my free rows would have been nowhere near as consistently challenging. And, while I intended to add the rower to my workouts as maybe 20-30 minutes a several times a week, I am five months in and rowing at least an hour almost every day. I have noticed improvements in my muscle tone in my shoulders and abs, which (given how little I'm strength-training right now) I attribute to the quality of the workout on the rower.

If you are already convinced that rowing is a good workout, then take the leap and recognize that the Ergatta experience of the rowing workout will drive you harder and farther!

Perfect upgrade

Prior to receiving the upgrade package, I would sparingly use my waterrower and usually just find myself going all-out for the same distance. It was boring, ineffective, and I only actually hopped on maybe once a week if I'm being generous. After adding the Ergatta upgrade, I've knocked off 15% off my 500m average split and find myself rowing nearly every day. Oh - and it matches perfectly and was crazy simple to attach.
Worth every penny.




Is my WaterRower compatible?

Ergatta's Upgrade Package is only compatible with wooden frame WaterRowers that have an S4 monitor. Confirm your model here: https://www.waterrower.com/us/compare

Is there a subscription?

Yes. You must have an active membership in order to access Ergatta. An Ergatta membership costs $29/month and includes unlimited access to hundreds of workouts, community competition, and personal analytics. A single membership supports unlimited profiles.

Can I use my own tablet?

No. The Ergatta App can only be accessed through the integrated Upgrade Package product. We may explore an app-only version at some point in the future.

Do you ship internationally?

The Upgrade Package is only available in the US at this time. If you are interested in international shipping, sign up for our newsletter below for updates.

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