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Ergatta’s WaterRower Upgrade Package includes everything you need to turn your WaterRower into a connected fitness machine. Compatible with all WaterRower S4 machines that have the latest version of the S4 monitor. Please note: the latest version of the S4 features a mini USB port in the back. If you are not sure whether you have the latest version, please reach out to our support team before making a purchase!

Ergatta membership sold separately. 

Units are now shipping in 4-6 weeks. US only. Please note payment will be taken at the time of processing to secure a position in our order pipeline, as all product is currently built to order.

Your Upgrade Package Includes

Hardware Add-Ons

Hardware Add-Ons

A mounting arm to match your WaterRower wood type, a 17.3 digital tablet, a power cord, and necessary components to assemble and enable data connectivity from your S4 monitor.

30 Day Returns

30 Day Returns

If you’re not satisfied with Ergatta in your first month, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.



3-year limited warranty on the mounting arm and component parts, and a 1 year limited warranty on the digital tablet.

Four ways to get your workout in. With more on the way.

Push Programs

Push Programs

Goal-based training plans designed around a final challenge to keep you moving forward.



Interval-based HIIT and Endurance workouts structured around intelligent goals and real-time feedback.

Race Workouts

Race Workouts

Competitive races that put you head-to-head against the Ergatta community.

Open Row

Open Row

Self-led and visually stimulating time- and distance-based workouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mike S (Canton, GA)
A whole new dimension to the water rower

Water Rower without Ergatta - once or twice a week… boring. Water Rower with Ergatta - every freakin’ day - Fun!!!

Brad Simon (Richmond, MA)
Addictive work out!

I’ve had a WaterRower for a year and loved it but getting the Ergatta upgrade takes it to the next level. It manages to be fun and hard at the same time! I look forward to working out!

Murray Arons (Brentwood, TN)
Good experience high price

Using Ergatta has made rowing a lot more enjoyable and effective as an exercise. However the monthly subscription rate is incredibly high when you compare it to peloton or other content providers put out: large numbers of live and recorded workouts for numerous fitness regimen’s with professional trainers for only $10 more a month. I think if you can’t get the price down long-term to what is commensurate for what you are offering, which is a good yet limited service, it will be hard to build up and sustain a large number of subscribers.

steve bright (Arlington, VA)
Best addition well worth it

I used the water rower intermittently after buying it but found that without a readout that really made sense to me and that allowed me to keep track of my progress it just wasn’t as good as the treadmill. Now, w the addition of the Ergatta I have turned this workout to a daily routine of 60 min/session. I can look at my historical data, compare it, and each race allows me to focus on improving.
The only thing missing is the Apple Watch connectivity for the hear rate. But they say it’s comming; my guess is that they need to write the program a new so might be comming for awhile.
Still. Great purchase.

Chris Bradford
Motivating rowing experience

The gaming/stat/comparison experience that Ergatta offers has been very motivational to keep me consistent with the water rower. We have wanted to purchase a water rower for sometime but my concern has been that it would become another piece of rarely used equipment like other exercise equipment has become. My treadmill gets used "maybe" once a week on average.

The Ergatta program has me coming back to complete challenges, races, and workout programs consistently. It really is impressive how this detail can motivate me to be consistent in my workout routine.

Thank you Ergatta team!




Is my WaterRower compatible?

Ergatta's Upgrade Package is only compatible with wooden frame WaterRowers that have an S4 monitor. Confirm your model here: https://www.waterrower.com/us/compare

Is there a subscription?

Yes. You must have an active membership in order to access Ergatta. An Ergatta membership costs $29/month and includes unlimited access to hundreds of workouts, community competition, and personal analytics. A single membership supports unlimited profiles.

Can I use my own tablet?

No. The Ergatta App can only be accessed through the integrated Upgrade Package product. We may explore an app-only version at some point in the future.

Do you ship internationally?

The Upgrade Package is only available in the US at this time. If you are interested in international shipping, sign up for our newsletter below for updates.

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