What does the Professional Delivery and Assembly charge include? 

Our $269 delivery and installation charge includes shipping, assembly, and delivery services. Our delivery partner will oversee the assembly and quality assurance of your rower, before delivering it to you -- fully assembled. This delivery option is only available in the US.


When can I expect to receive my Ergatta?

Orders are expected to ship within 5-10 days of your purchase date. The timeline to receive your fully assembled rower is approximately 2-4 weeks from your purchase date.



How does the professional delivery and assembly process work?

Your rower will ship from our manufacturer, WaterRower, in Rhode Island. The machine will be shipped in 3 boxes directly to our local delivery partner in your area. Our team will send you an email as soon as your order has been shipped. 

Once all 3 boxes arrive with our delivery partner, they will begin the assembly process; while they build the machine, they will also run key quality assurance tests.

You can expect to hear from our delivery partner within 5-7 business days after all 3 boxes have been delivered. When the machine is ready and has passed our quality assurance checks, our delivery partner will contact you to coordinate delivery that works for your schedule. 

Here's what you can expect from the experience:

  • Our delivery partner may contact you by e-mail, text, or phone call in order to schedule your delivery appointment. You should let our delivery partner know if you have any specific requests.
  • Your rower will be delivered to the room/space of your choice. If you would prefer that our delivery partner not enter your home, you can also instruct them to leave your rower outside. The delivery should take less than 15 minutes.
  • The delivery team is expected to deliver your rower and plug it in to a power outlet to ensure that your machine turns on. 

  • The delivery team is not expected to fill your tank prior to delivery; they will provide you with a siphon to do so after the delivery has been completed -- instructions can be found here. We recommend tap or purified water. We do not recommend well water.

  • The delivery team is not expected to provide a detailed demo or walk you through the initial set-up steps.

  • You may choose to tip the delivery partner at your discretion, but this is not required.


Below are some of our most common FAQs.

Do you offer a COI?

Yes, our delivery partner can carry a Certificate of Insurance for delivery. You may provide any special instructions with our delivery partner. We recommend requesting that your technician carry the COI with them; this will ensure that the tech will have it present at the time of delivery.

How can I contact the delivery partner directly?

We currently are currently working with our delivery partner network to expand their direct contact capacity delivery partners. In the meantime, if you have any questions on your delivery, please reach out to our team at

Is this option available outside of the US?

Professional delivery and assembly is not available in Canada.

For all delivery information for UK/Denmark/Hungary/Estonia purchases, please go to

For all delivery information for Germany/Austria/Switzerland purchases, please go to



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