What is calibration?

The calibration exercise is a 1,000 meter row that enables our system to personalize the Ergatta experience for you. It begins conservatively, and then has you increase effort over the course of the workout so that you finish feeling spent. It should take between 5-10 minutes to complete. You can begin the calibration exercise by tapping on the CALIBRATE button on the main menu.

Once you complete the calibration, our software will generate your initial set of Intensity Zones, which represent your output relative to your capacity. Your Intensity Zones are used to personalize your Interval workouts and to facilitate competitor matchmaking in Race workouts.


How often do I need to calibrate?

Once you’ve completed the calibration exercise, you’ll never need to do it again. As you complete qualified workouts (including Pulse, Meteor, and Race workouts), we will automatically recalibrate your fitness profile to keep you on the rise.


How does auto-recalibration work?

Ergatta will automatically recalibrate your fitness profile after you complete a personalized number of qualified workouts (which currently include Pulse, Meteor, and Race workouts). This recalibration works off expected performance. For example, if your Intensity Zones feel easy, and you...

  • are pushing yourself near the fast end of your zones in Pulse and Meteor workouts, and/or
  • are beating your “Est. Race Time” in Race workouts

...then the auto-recalibration will make it harder. (And vice-versa if your Intensity Zones feel too difficult).


What are the benefits of recalibration?

Your personalized calibration will automatically adjust as you improve to make sure you’re continuously challenged. Your Intensity Zones will push you more in Interval Workouts, and your competition will get stronger in Race Workouts. If you've already completed a Push Program, try redoing it after a recalibration and attempt to beat your old stats.


What if I don’t want a workout to count towards my recalibration?

We know it's important to take some workouts a little easier! The calculation behind recalibration is designed to remove outliers and take recovery workouts into consideration.


Can I manually recalibrate?

If you find that your Intensity Zones are either too challenging or too easy, you can choose to manually recalibrate at any time. To do so, select “Recalibrate” on the Intensity Zone section in your Dashboard. This will prompt you to complete the calibration exercise again.



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