In one sentence: These interval-based HIIT (high intensity interval training) and endurance workouts feature personalized targets and real-time feedback. The three types of Interval workouts are:

  • Meteor: Meteor workouts are inspired by classic 2D side-scrolling games. These challenges allow you to collect tokens as they fly through space at different target speeds calibrated specifically to you. The harder you row, the more points you earn.
  • Pulse: Pulse workouts give you a series of different targets to hit over time. You’ll be scored based on the percentage of targets you successfully hit. The goal is to hit a target zone, and then maintain that target for a set period of time.
  • Echo: Echo is our newest interval game focused exclusively on rowing rhythm. This game presents targets based on strokes-per-minute, or SPM. To score well, you’ll need to maintain a smooth and consistent rowing stroke throughout the workout.

Do this workout when you: Want to get a great workout in, without committing to a long-term series like Push Programs provide.

Expert Tip: Aim for Interval workouts to comprise about 80% of your non-Push Program workouts. You can think about it like training for a sport — Interval workouts are your “practices,” the more frequent session throughout the week where you’re really building up your fitness levels. Therefore, you can think about Races (below) like your “games,” where all of the work you put in at practice finally gets to pay off. 




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