At Ergatta, we’re all about friendly competition. Besting your own PR feels awesome, but forming rivalries adds a layer of real stakes that takes your competitive spirit and motivation to the next level. Our Rivals feature allows you to connect with and compete against fellow members in the community so you can chase each other’s fastest times, see how you stack up, and gain inspiration for your next workout.  

What Is A Rival?

In line with how you can “add a friend” on social media platforms, Rivals is the foundation of Ergatta’s social suite. However, instead of personal life updates, you’ll stay updated with your Rivals’ workout history and progress. 

In regards to who can be your Rival, you can send or accept a request from anyone in the Ergatta community—from a household member you share your rower with to an Ergatta member across the country. 

How Do You Add Rivals?

To discover Rivals:

  • Find Rivals in your classification. Our intelligent classification system stacks you up against members of similar fitness profiles during your workouts. After a workout or Race, you can add your fiercest competitors as Rivals.
  • Find Rivals in our communities. Join the Ergatta Facebook group to discover and connect with fellow members.

To add Rivals: 

  • Tap the Rivals tab and navigate to the Add Rivals page to add Rivals based on your recent competition or by searching their username.

recent rivals tablet screen

  • In post-workout and Race rankings, you’ll also be able to add Rivals.

Rivals ranking tablet screen

What’s The Benefit of Rivals?

Rivals help you stay competitive while providing workout inspiration and motivation. Check out which workouts or Races your Rivals completed in the workout menus and then take on their PRs.

Race Menu for rivals on tablet screen

You can also create a Private Challenge against members including Rivals to see who can row fastest, longest, or furthest while keeping track of who’s in the lead on your personal leaderboard.

Game On.