Coach AI is your personal trainer, guiding your rowing journey with form feedback, drills, and personalized instruction.



Indoor rowing is an incredibly effective form of exercise, efficiently burning calories twice as fast as spinning while remaining easier on the joints than running. Plus, rowing offers a true full-body workout.  There’s just one problem: many people don’t know how to row, rendering this life-changing exercise inaccessible.


Ergatta’s Coach AI makes indoor rowing easy to learn, using computer vision to analyze rowing form, offer personalized feedback and insights, and recommend relevant drills and instructional videos. Coach AI is simple to use and valuable for all members, offering the tools to improve rowing technique regardless of experience level.


Ergatta IOS App displaying Coach AI feedback


Members access Coach AI on the Ergatta mobile companion app.  Using the phone’s camera, Coach AI tracks the motion of your hands, elbows, shoulders, back, hips, and knees to analyze your rowing form.  Trained on thousands of examples of proper and improper technique, it reliably identifies proper rowing form and mistakes across all body types. 


Row along to video tutorials on the rower or on your phone



After a workout, Ergatta grades members Great Form score from 0 to 100, consolidating feedback to address the six most common rowing mistakes.  Members receive a breakdown of their results, down to the number of strokes each error is made, and access drills, tutorials, and workouts to improve.

Like the rest of the Ergatta game-based fitness platform, members are motivated to hit new high scores and improve over time.


Track improvement in your Great Form score over time on the Ergatta iOS App


Ready to get the most from your routine? Move confidently through full-body workouts knowing you have the right posture technique to prevent injury.

Coach AI will be released into beta for all Ergatta members on December 19, 2023. The product is used via the Ergatta mobile app, available for download in the Apple iPhone App Store. Coach AI at this time is only available on iOS, with Android availability to likely follow in 2024.

To learn more, visit our Coach AI FAQ.