I grew up immersed in sports. I loved the competition, the camaraderie, and the fact that I could get lost in it. I loved the fact that a simple, arbitrary set of rules could create an experience that was incredibly motivating and engaging. I also love the way sports made me physically feel afterwards – accomplished, healthy, satisfied.

In adulthood, I struggled to find a fitness routine that I enjoyed and that fit into my life. I played sports or hiked mountains on the weekend, but I needed to break a sweat almost every day in order to feel good.

When I looked at my everyday fitness options, they either hurt my knees, didn’t work for my schedule, or just bored me. Somehow every workout option seemed to involve a class with an overly enthusiastic instructor.

Classes just didn’t quite do it for me: I found myself rolling my eyes, the workouts weren’t tailored to me, and following along with an instructor just wasn’t engaging enough to pull me in. My co-founders and I agreed: what we wanted wasn’t out there, so we were going to design something new in the Ergatta experience – gaming-inspired fitness.

Today we are excited to launch our new blog as a new destination to discuss the future of game-based fitness. Here we will be sharing insights about how we approach engineering our platform, articles on how to elevate your training, and updates about the Ergatta member experience.

We are building a new frontier of fitness and look forward to this new space to share our journey and connect with our community.

— Tom Aulet
Ergatta Co-founder



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