As the weather begins to warm up, spending time in the fresh air and sunshine is essential for both our physical and mental health. Doing outdoor activities can be a great way to integrate fitness into your routine, reconnect with nature, and get your daily dose of vitamin D. But if you already have an indoor workout routine, there’s no need to toss that form of fitness out the window completely during the warmer months. Instead, learn how to integrate outdoor activities into your routine in a way that is synergistic and complements your indoor workouts.

Find a fitness buddy to build accountability and to get outdoors together as the weather warms up. 

Jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, skating, paddleboarding, and hiking are all great ways to boost your activity level in the great outdoors. These types of activities are well-suited for endurance training, for low-intensity, steady-state endurance workouts, or for your recovery days. Conversely, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is much more impactful on your Ergatta Rower because you can measure your specific intensities and manage rest times with greater reliability. We recommend aiming for at least two days per week of high-intensity training through Race or Vortex workouts or HIIT workouts in Meteor/Pulse. Then, enjoy the outdoors by pursuing some longer form of endurance training or recovery workouts on your non-rowing days. Mixing up your workout modality isn’t just about keeping your routine fresh – it also has added cross-training benefits, as you’ll utilize different muscle groups, ranges of motion, and motor patterns.

If allergies tend to put a damper on your outside plans, stock up on your go-to allergen relief methods to have on-hand when the pollen count starts to rise.

Need some weekly workout planning inspiration? One Ergatta member settled into this Summer routine: three times per week, they hopped on their Ergatta Rower after work to get in a quick workout, then on their two non-rowing days, they got up early before work for a short hike. I plan to use my Ergatta Monday - Friday for consistency and convenience, and then I’ll spend weekends outside, taking advantage of the warmer weather by hiking and paddleboarding. How will you plan to get outside and get active this spring?


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