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Ergatta Lite

Lightweight, compact and perfect for small living spaces. Bring home the entire Ergatta experience on a more affordable rower.

Megan V., PT, DPT

"I am a doctor of physical therapy and work in outpatient orthopedics. Throughout the pandemic, physical therapists were deemed “essential employees” and therefore, we remained open and continued treating. In fact, in March of 2020, I contracted Covid-19 from a patient, and I have yet to return to my pre-Covid health status. I am certain consistent rowing will help improve my cardiovascular health, and after a great deal of research, Ergatta is by far the best rower on the market."

Why Ergatta?
Games, not classes

Compete in a game instead of following along with a class. Thousands of live and on-demand game-based workouts.

Ergatta WaterRower in upright position in a living room stored by a green couch and plant
Elegant & compact

Our rower is designed to fit into your home, both aesthetically and physically. Small footprint and easily stored.

Beginners to Advanced

Our patented calibration system ensures each workout, interval, and target is tailored to your current fitness level. Plus, we have over 50 hours of guided beginner programs and rowing form tutorials.


Is rowing right for me?

Rowing is a full-body and intensely efficient workout. Indoor rowing is your one-stop-shop for strength and cardio exercise.

  • Full body: Every stroke activates your legs, core, back and arms, firing up 86% of muscles in a single motion.
  • Low impact: Hard work that’s easy on the knees, ankles, and back. Enjoy a sustainable form of exercise you can do for decades without wearing down your joints.
  • Efficient: Achieve your goals in a fraction of the time and burn calories around twice the rate of cycling. Get a real workout in 20 minutes or less.

Ergatta has over 50 hours of dedicated beginner content, learn how Ergatta makes it easy for members to learn to row.

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Is Ergatta friendly for beginners?

Ergatta's unique calibration system is especially helpful for beginners. After the Getting Started Series and your initial Calibration test, all workout programming will be tailored to your level. As you get the hang of rowing, your profile will automatically recalibrate and adapt your experience to make each target and competitor a fair challenge.

Around 40% of our members are completely new to rowing. With over 50 hours of dedicated beginner content, learn how Ergatta makes it easy for members to learn to row.

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Will the rower fit in my home?

About 2’ x 2’ in storage and 7’ x 2’ in use, our rower stores in the space of a barstool and can be easily wheeled around by one person. No expensive wall mount or drilling necessary.

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What does an Ergatta Membership include?

An Ergatta membership includes unlimited profiles and an extensive offering of workouts and features, including but not limited to:

  • Thousands of HIIT, endurance, conditioning, recovery, and technique workouts 
  • A growing suite of interactive single and multiplayer gaming experiences – compete live or on demand 
  • Scenic waterway destinations across the US, Europe, and Asia 
  • A library of workout programs, designed by fitness professionals to coach you to meet your goals
  • Access to iOS and Android apps to plan workouts, track progress, and connect with rivals on the go
  • Integrations with Strava, Apple Health, and leading heart rate monitors 
  • A community of 75,000+ friendly rivals to motivate, support, and challenge you
What is game-based fitness?

Ergatta has plenty of workout variety to keep you engaged and motivated, with 9+ game categories and 1000s of workouts to choose from so you’ll never get bored.

Our workout promise:

  • Calibrated to you: Each target, interval and competitor dynamically adapted to you
  • Rewarding gameplay: Responsive controls, motivating goals, and visual elegance
  • Progress-oriented: Every game is a real workout designed around progress and results

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How does Ergatta personalize the experience for me?

Ergatta has a patented calibration system that makes every workout and program tailored to you.

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How does Ergatta compare to other rowers?

Ergatta’s game-based approach is the best bet for building a consistent fitness habit. Learn more about how Ergatta stacks up against the competition.

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Does Ergatta offer financing?

Yes, you can finance your purchase for the Ergatta Rower if you are located in the US. The monthly payment plan we use for Ergatta is through our billing partner Klarna.

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