Try Ergatta for up to 30 days, risk-free, with our in-home trial. Test the Ergatta experience in your own home, and if it’s not for you, we’ll offer you a refund on your rower.


Your Ergatta is covered by a 5 year warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty through Clyde when you check out.


Easily assemble your rower yourself in 30-45 minutes, or opt for professional assembly and installation from one of our technicians.


Easy Assembly

Assemble the Ergatta rower yourself in 30-45 minutes, no tools or handyman skills necessary. Think IKEA, but easier. Only one person and an Allen key (which we provide) needed for assembly.

Customer Reviews

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I can't believe I like it this much.

Because of a foot injury, I was forced to buy a rower as my cardio training. Traditionally, I hate ALL cardio and would only do it when forcing myself. Because of my injury, I gained almost 40 lbs and had to do something. After trying several types of machines, I enjoyed the feel of a water rower the most, so went that route. It was okay at best, but yet another mind numbing cardio workout that was a slog.

Buying the Ergatta upgrade was the best money I've spent in years. I always avoided this type of thing as I don't like watching a screen where people yell at me and try to make me die in a puddle of sweat. Ergatta was a really nice surprise. Not only are there programs that exactly suit my goals, but the system adjusts to my fitness level. I always feel pushed without feeling beaten. I've grown to really love it in a short amount of time.

If you had told me that I would wake up on cardio days looking forward to my workout, I would have laughed at you. But that's exactly happens now. I not only can't wait for my rowing days, but I often jump on on off days too. In the short time I've had my Ergatta, I have already noticed an improvement in both endurance and strength. I'd highly recommend this to anyone even remotely interested!!!

I look forward to getting on my rower - Every. Single. Day.

I work a distance from my home where my rower lives and have to spend a few days a week away. Part of what pulls me back to my home is the rower! My partner, who is an avid outdoors athlete, has also gotten the rowing bug. He has added this to his daily fitness routine. I have two friends that I may have convinced to own one too. I love the gamification, the milestones, the live races, the competitive nature - all on top of a really great full body workout. It is also very meditative, I find that if I am having a stressful day I can jump on the rower for 10 minutes and find that readjustment that I needed. Life is better with my rower!

Love the smooth water

I just love my rower. It's smooth, quiet, and the swooshing water is so calming.

Kristin U.
The whole package, beautiful to look at, smooth comfortable row and wonderful to hear.

I love my Ergatta. I’ve never been one to exercise regularly. I’ve always viewed exercise as a chore to be accomplished so I could do other things. Not anymore. Each morning I get out of bed looking forward to my time on the rower. I love the motion of rowing and the sound of the water rushing with each stoke is mediative. I get into the zone and just keep rowing. I’m not looking for a quick sprint workout, I’m putting in 45-75 minutes a day, pushing myself to get faster and achieve greater distances in the same amount of time. The programs on the screen are great for challenging me. I “have to” get all the points or make all the levels. If I don’t make it on the first try, the next day I’m back at it until I can make it. If you have a competitive streak, even it if is just competing against yourself, the programs will keep you going. If you’re thinking about it, go for it. It is by far the best piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever owned.

Worth Every Penny, Don’t Question It

I’ve wanted a quality rower for years and kept putting it off because of price, that was a mistake. The Ergatta is easy to assemble, impressive in appearance, and most importantly is a ton of fun to use. I put 40k meters on it within the first 14 days and doubled to 80k in the next 14 days. Pleasantly simple interface, a nice variety of workouts, and updated rankings to add a nice competitive flavor. *Customer support is also top notch* If you don’t have one already, what are you waiting for?

Terms & Conditions

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**If a rower purchased with a pre-purchased membership is returned during the 30-day risk-free trial, all but $29 will be refunded from the membership charge.