This article will provide instructions for replacing the footboard on your Ergatta rower. In addition to the below instructions, the following video may be referenced for further guidance: 


Note: The instructions below show this process on the Ergatta Rower. The same steps should be followed for the Ergatta Lite.


If the footboard needs to be replaced, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Raise the rowers arm then remove the rower handle from the handle rests, allowing it to sit on the top deck.

  2. Loosen both top deck joint connector bolts (JCB) 2-3 rotations. For the Ergatta Rower use the 5mm Allen key, for the Ergatta Lite use the 4mm Allen key.

  3. Remove both handle rest bolts and the handles rests from the footboard using the 5mm Allen key.

  4. Remove the seat from the rails. For the Ergatta Lite, one (1) 5mm Allen key is used to remove the four bolts. On the Ergatta Rower, two (2) Allen keys are used, one to hold the nut in place and the other to remove the bolt.

  5. Install your new footboard by reinserting the nuts and bolts connecting the footboard to the rails. Do not yet fully tighten.

  6. Re-install the handle rests and handle rest bolts to the footboard using the 5mm Allen key.

  7. Tighten all four JCB’s connecting the footboard to the rails, then the two top deck JCB’s.

  8. Pull the handle forward, resting on the handle rests.

  9. Install the new heels rests by sliding them up through the notches on the footboard. It may be helpful to use the assembly card provided with your original order, or another card to act as a ramp as shown below.

Give the rower several test strokes ensuring the footboard is securely attached to the rower and the footrests are not slipping.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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