Stay on top of your rowing routine with our new accountability feature, Weekly Goals & Streaks. Set a goal for the number of days you’d like to row each week, then track your progress throughout the week and over time. This feature is currently available to all members with an active Ergatta household membership.


Getting Started with Goal Setting

What recommendations do you have for setting a weekly goal?

  • Set a realistic goal.
    • This type of goal is designed to be a minimum threshold for success — something you’re confident that you can achieve week in, week out. In that sense, it’s best to think of it as a conservative threshold that you can actually commit to, rather than an aspiration threshold that you’re reaching for.

  • Avoid changing your goal too frequently. 
    • Ideally, you should change your goal no more than once per month. If you change your goal more frequently than that, it may be difficult to find a schedule that’s both motivating and sustainable.
    • If you’re struggling to meet your goal in the first few weeks, lower your goal as much as needed in order to get a few successful weeks under your belt.

  • Small, incremental changes are easier to adjust to than big, sudden changes
    • Before you increase your goal, you’ll want to achieve at least 4 successful weeks in a row at your current goal. If you do then decide to increase it, we’d suggest only increasing it by 1 day per week at a time.
    • Each day you increase will make it exponentially more difficult to achieve the goal consistently.

What counts as a day rowed?

  • To complete one day, you just need to row 500m+ or complete more than 50% of any Interval or Competitive workout.

What goals can I set?

  • Currently, our goal setting feature allows you set goals based on rowing a certain number of days per week. You can commit to a goal ranging from 1 to 6 days per week.

Why can’t I set a goal of 7 days per week?

  • We limit the goal to 6 days per week, rather than 7 days, in order to make this feature realistic and sustainable over the long-term. In addition, a goal of 7 days per week would mean that it would only take 1 missed day for you to break your streak.
  • If you’re currently in a routine of rowing 7 days per week, you can certainly continue with that schedule. Your goal tracker will add bonus days — indicated by “+1”, “+2,” etc. — to tally the number of days by which you’ve surpassed your goal.

Where can I access the goal setting feature?

  • Goal setting is available on the Ergatta touchscreen and on our iOS companion app.
  • The goal tracker is only visible on the iOS companion app if you have set up a goal on the Ergatta touchscreen. If you haven’t set a goal, the tracker won’t be visible on your phone.
  • The Goal Tracker on the iOS companion app is view only, and will need to go to your Ergatta touchscreen to make any modifications to your goal.


Changing Your Goal

Can I set or change my goal at any time?

  • Yes, you can set or change your goal at any time. We advise that you change your goal no more than once per month.
  • It’s worth noting that when you first set your goal, you may not have a full week to complete it, depending on which day of the week you start. Goals do not prorate how much time is remaining in the week after you set it. So we’d recommend starting a goal toward the beginning of the week.
  • Goal should be attainable, so if you fall short, try lowering your goal to something you feel 90% confident you can achieve every week (not just some weeks).

Why should I change my goal?

  • If at any time your confidence in your ability to achieve your current goal changes, it may be a good idea to adjust the goal. 
  • For example, if it’s difficult for you to achieve your goal during the summer and the winter holiday season, it would be appropriate to scale down your goal slightly (not completely) to make it more realistic and achievable. Conversely, other times throughout the year may be less busy for you, in which case you might choose to scale up your goal for an added challenge.


Weekly Schedule

When does the goal setting week start and end?

  • Each week starts on Monday morning at midnight (00:00) and ends on Sunday evening at midnight (23:59). This should be in your local time-zone.

If I complete a workout before setting up a weekly goal, will it count toward my goal?

  • Yes, as long as that workout was completed during the same calendar week in which you set up your goal. Any workouts completed in that calendar week will count — even ones you completed before setting up the goal.

If I update my goal mid-week, when will those changes take effect?

  • Any changes you make to your weekly goal will take effect from the moment they are saved.
  • For example, let’s say that earlier this morning, you reached your goal of rowing 3 days this week. The goal tracker on your home screen now says “Completed.” This afternoon, you decide to increase your goal to 4 days per week. Once you save this change, the goal tracker on you rower’s home screen will go back to showing “In Progress” until you’ve completed that 1 additional day of rowing.


Streaks, Goals Met, & Badges

What are Streaks? 

  • Streaks are rewards for successfully achieving your goal multiple, consecutive weeks in a row. You’ll receive each streak milestone badge once, after the first time you reach that streak.
  • If you miss your goal for a given week, your streak will reset to zero.

What weeks do I earn a “Week Streak Badge”?

  • Weekly Streak Milestone badges are awarded for Streaks of 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks, as well as every 4 weeks beyond that.
  • The Steak Milestone Badge has a lightning bolt icon below the number. 
  • On weeks that aren't eligible for a Streak Milestone Badge, we'll still send you a similar graphic via email to show you your cumulative progress. 
  • Weekly Streak Milestone Badges can only be achieved once, so if you achieve the same streak again in the future, you won’t receive a second badge for the same achievement.

What is the “goals met” metric?

  • Goals met is a reward for the number of weeks you’ve successfully met your goal, regardless of whether those weeks were consecutive. 
  • You'll also get a badge for select numbers of goals met. These badges look similar Streak Milestone Badges, but beneath the number they have a double check mark, as opposed to a lightning bolt. 

What is a “bonus day”?

  • When you achieve your weekly goal, you’ll see the goal tracker’s state change to “Complete.” If you surpass your weekly goal — say, by rowing on 3 days instead of 2 days — you’ll receive a “bonus day.” This is indicated by a “+1” graphic in your goal tracker. We always want to acknowledge when our members go above and beyond.

What happens if I delete a workout from my Workout History?

  • If you have an active goal set and you delete a workout, your weekly goal progress will be reset to its status prior to you beginning that workout.
  • If you had already achieved your weekly goal before starting that workout, your goal will remain completed even after you delete the workout.
  • But if you achieved your weekly goal by completing that workout, and you haven’t yet completed any workouts after that one, your weekly goal go back to being 1 day away from completion.

A workout day is missing from my goal tracker.

  • First, check to see if the workout you completed is showing up in your Workout History. Then, please reach out to us with this info at support@ergatta.com for further assistance.
  • Note: Workouts must be completed before midnight (23:59) in your local timezone in order to count toward that particular day. For example, if you start a workout just before midnight on Sunday (23:59), and finish the workout on Monday after midnight (00:03), then your workout would count toward Monday of the next week.


Disabling Your Goal

Can I pause my goal if I will be traveling?

  • Currently, weekly goals cannot be paused. That said, you may change or disable your goal at any time.
  • If you’ll be traveling for part of a week and would like to keep your streak going, you could temporarily lower your goal to something more manageable (e.g., 1 day). Then, you could try to complete the lowered goal with the limited days you’ll have at home.
  • If you’ll be traveling for the entire week, then you’ll miss that week’s goal and your streak will be broken. Likewise, if you disable your goal for a full week, you’ll miss that week and your streak will be broken. 

If I pause my household membership, will my streak status be paused too?

  • No, household membership pauses do not pause streak status. If you don’t row during a given week, your streak will be broken.
  • Similarly, disabling your goal setting feature will break your streak.


Read more about goal setting on our blog HERE. Additional questions? Please reach out to us at support@ergatta.com



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