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Consistency over time is the number one factor in successfully achieving your goals.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build strength, or improve your overall health, you need to regularly apply yourself towards achieving your goal. It's not enough to exercise sporadically or to follow a strict diet for a short period of time. Instead, you need to develop habits that can keep you consistent over the long-term.


Ergatta has created a new set of personalized accountability features designed to help you maintain a weekly rowing habit. Set a custom goal of how many days per week you want to row, and Ergatta will track your progress while providing personalized tips to help you stay on course. You’ll earn new Milestone Badges for hitting your weekly goal, and set streaks for racking up multiple weeks in a row.

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As you select a weekly goal, make sure you’re committing to something that you believe you can meet with at least 90% confidence. When you set a high bar with an aspirational level of success and it’s too difficult to regularly meet, you’ll be less likely to stay committed to your goal over the long term. So, you should consider your goal to be a minimum success criteria, rather than a stretch.

New Milestone Hit: 2 Week Goal Streak and Milestone Badge


The Weekly Goal tracker, located at the bottom-left of the home screen and the top of the Ergatta iOS companion app, shows your progress towards the current week’s goal. Complete at least 500m of rowing or 50% of the distance or duration within a workout, whichever comes first, and you’ll receive a checkmark for that day. The tracker also displays your Weekly Goal Streak, the number of times you’ve met your weekly goal in a row.

If you go beyond your goal, the tracker will consider them as “bonus days” and display the extra days as “+1”, “+2”, etc. When it comes to progress, the more you're able to do, the better. But keep in mind that these days do not overflow into the following week, so make sure you are not going above and beyond one week and miss your target the next, the key is consistency!

Picture of iPhone notification from Ergatta: "You're making strong progress. You've hit your goal 5 weeks in a row, with 5 days last week. Consider increasing your Weekly Goals to 4 days to accelerate your progress."


Set reminder preferences! It’s great to work towards a goal, but without some form of accountability, it’s easy to fall off the wagon. Ergatta’s new personalized reminders equip you with the tips and accountability necessary to achieve your weekly rowing goal. Choose a medium that is best for you, email or push notifications, and expect to receive up to two personalized coaching messages per week:

  • Mid Week check-in (Wednesday evenings): This message will give you a quick update with how you are tracking towards your goal for the current week. Sometimes the week gets away from us and you just need a little nudge to get the ball rolling.
  • End of Week Recap (Monday mornings): This message will be more personalized based on your history of success at your goal. We will celebrate your successes, give you support when you fall short and give you a nudge when you may be ready to increase your goal to accelerate progress towards your goal.

Ergatta's coaching messages will notify you when it's time to consider changing your goal. If you miss your very first week or are still falling short after your first full week, consider lowering your goal to something you're confident in achieving. Once you begin to find success, build consistency at that level for at least 4 weeks before considering increasing your goal. Remember to only take one step forward and stay in line with your confidence level.


New Milestone Hit: 10 Weekly Goals Met and Milestone Badge


  • Block off time on your calendar for exercise. Never leave the rower without knowing when you will be back.
  • Fold down your rower the night before and set your shoes out to avoid the barrier of setting it up.
  • Join a Push Program so you can get right into a workout without the decision fatigue of searching for what to do.

By setting achievable goals, committing to consistency, using Ergatta's Weekly Goals feature, and following these tips, you'll be well on your way to achieving success. Remember, building consistency and sustainability in achieving personal fitness goals is the key to long-term success.


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