What is Echo?
Echo is our newest interval game focused exclusively on rowing rhythm. This game presents targets based on strokes-per-minute, or SPM. To score well, you’ll need to maintain a smooth and consistent rowing stroke throughout the workout.


Where can I find Echo workouts?
In the Interval Workouts card, as well as in Your Library under “Recommendations.”


What workout types are available in Echo?
There are currently Endurance, Conditioning, and Recovery workouts in the Echo library. HIIT workouts will be added to the Echo library later this year.


What are the benefits of Echo workouts?
Echo workouts with lower SPM targets (18-24) are great for building baseline endurance and strength. Your body may be moving slower, but you can focus on generating more power with each stroke by pushing hard through your legs. On the flip side, Echo workouts with higher SPM targets (26 and up) push your cardio capacity and fast-twitch muscle strength.

As you get to know Echo, focus strictly on rhythm at first. Once you’re comfortable with that, try adding more power to each stroke for an added challenge.


How do I play?
You collect points by timing each stroke with the blocks on screen — as the blocks cross the scanner, you’ll begin your stroke.

The blocks approach the scanner at a target SPM rate, which changes for each interval.

No matter the target SPM, it’s important to remember rowing’s golden ratio, 2:1. That is, the recovery and catch phases of your stroke together should be about twice as long as your drive phase. Keeping with this ratio will encourage good form and will help you maximize your rowing efficiency.

You can find a “Learn to Play” tutorial at the beginning of every Echo game. Tap into this at any time for a few pointers or a refresher.


Workout Structure
All Echo workouts are composed of working intervals that have short rest periods at the end. 

During the active, working part of the interval, you’ll see a number in the middle of the screen just below the scanner. That number indicates the interval’s target SPM. You’ll also see the time remaining in that specific interval. The last 3-5 seconds of the interval are designated for the transition to the next interval. 


In the example below, the target SPM is 22.



With a few seconds remaining, you'll see the target SPM for the upcoming interval. Once you hit the last block available, you'll have a few seconds of rest before that next interval starts.


Here's an example of what the next interval might be. You can see the target SPM here is 24.



How is Echo scored?
Each successful stroke will earn you points. But not every successful stroke was created equally. Echo uses granular scoring, so there’s a range of points you can receive for a successful stroke.

"Good" = 10 points

"Great" = 12 points

"Perfect" = 15 points


A “Good” stroke is one that begins when most of the block is in the scanner. 





A “Great” stroke is one that begins when the block is in the scanner, but not quite in the middle.



A “Perfect” stroke is one that begins when the full block is in the middle of the scanner.




As you build a streak of successful row strokes – Good, Great, Perfect, or a mix of the three – you’ll unlock multipliers that increase your points. There are 2x, 4x, and 8x multipliers.

It’s also worth noting: the only way to earn points in Echo is by matching the game’s SPM rhythm. You won’t get points for hitting certain split times or for rowing with certain power. Likewise, you won’t earn points if you hit the target SPM but you’re out of synch with the blocks.



Can I pause Echo?
Yes, you can pause your Echo workout, however, doing so will prevent that workout from showing up in the Community Rankings.


What should I do during interval transitions?
That’s completely up to you. You can stop rowing entirely, or you can keep rowing at a Paddle pace, or you match your stroke to the blocks on screen to prepare for the upcoming interval.


Why is the scanner changing colors?
The scanner will change color periodically based on active interval vs. interval transitions, as well as successful vs. unsuccessful row strokes. Here’s a breakdown of the color scheme:

  • Blue = Workout countdown and transition intervals (rowing will not count towards your score)
  • Orange = Active interval
  • Green = Successful stroke
  • Red = Miss


Does Echo count towards calibration?
Currently, Echo workouts do not count towards calibration. Echo is based on a set rhythm, rather than your personalized Intensity Zones.


I’m having trouble with the SPM changes
Speeding up: To increase your stroke rate for higher SPM intervals, press harder with your legs and maintain a patient recovery. For abrupt increases, you can even take a shortened three-quarter stroke.

Slowing down: To decrease your stroke rate, lessen the force your legs are pressing against the footboard. For abrupt decreases, you can even pause briefly at the finish of your row stroke (when the handle is at your chest). However, do not pause during the catch phase.


Can I turn the sound effects on / off?
Yes, by clicking the speaker icon in the top right-hand corner of the workout screen.



Still curious?

Check out our blog post Echo: How to Play for tips and tricks, as well as a video demonstration. 

You can also reach out to us any time at support@ergatta.com.



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