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What are Instructor-Led Classes?

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Ergatta platform: premium, instructor-led studio classes, powered by CityRow. 

What are Ergatta’s classes like?

Our instructor-led classes range from 20-50 minutes, and they include HIIT and endurance workouts. In addition, there are currently two main class types. Rower Only classes (called "Just Row" in the library) feature guided rowing exercises and optional off-rower stretches. Hybrid on/off rower classes (called "Cardio + Core" and "Hybrid HIIT" in the library) include a combination of guided rowing and guided bodyweight exercises, mobility exercises, or core work.

How difficult are Ergatta’s classes?

Our classes range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re just starting your fitness routine, you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re somewhere in-between, you’ll find a class type or an instructor who inspires you to push beyond your limits. 

Are classes available on the mobile app or online?

At this time, our classes are only available on the Ergatta Rower, the Ergatta Lite, the Ergatta Upgrade Package, and the C2 Connection Kit. An active Ergatta membership is also required. You can view the Class library in your Ergatta mobile app, but you cannot stream classes in the mobile app. Similarly, our classes are not available online.

Do classes count towards challenges?

Classes you complete will count towards any class-focused Monthly Challenges, the Annual Challenge, your personal weekly goal, and your total meters rowed.

For more information, check our blog post, Class in Session: Instructor-Led Classes Now on Ergatta.



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