What does an Ergatta household membership include?

Unlock the full benefits of your Ergatta with a household membership for you and unlimited family members.  Stay consistently motivated with: 

  • Thousands of HIIT, endurance, conditioning, recovery, and technique workouts 
  • A growing suite of interactive single and multiplayer gaming experiences – compete live or on demand 
  • Scenic waterway destinations across the US, Europe, and Asia 
  • A library of workout programs, designed by fitness professionals to coach you to meet your goals
  • Access to iOS and Android apps to plan workouts, track progress, and connect with rivals on the go
  • Integrations with Strava, Apple Health, and leading heart rate monitors 
  • A community of 75,000+ friendly rivals to motivate, support, and challenge you

Can I use the Ergatta without a household membership?

Yes. A household membership is not required to use Ergatta, but it is recommended. The Ergatta Rower is a fully functioning premium rower that can be used with or without the household membership. In the absence of a household membership, you will still be able to use your touchscreen with limited Ergatta access. You may cancel any time and still use your Ergatta with limited access to select features.

For a detailed overview of the features you can access with or without a household membership, please reference the chart below.  

No Household Membership
Workout Types
1,000+ game-based workouts  
Single and multiplayer gaming experiences  
Live and on-demand racing  
Scenic Rowing  
Workout Programs  
Custom Interval Programming  
Just Row
Other Features
Workout Recommendations  
Metrics Dashboard   
Goal Setting  
Social Features  
Monthly Challenges  
iOS and Android Apps
Workout Data Storage
Strava Integration 
Access to Music Stations
Bluetooth Headphones & Heart Rate Monitor Integrations


How much does a household membership cost?

We offer a monthly household membership for $29/month or an annual household membership for $319(one month free) for the first year, and $348 for all subsequent years. Discounted 3-year and 5-year household memberships are also available for pre-purchase at check out.

If you decide to purchase your household membership at a later date, you can purchase a monthly household membership for $29/month or purchase an annual household membership. With our annual household membership, you can receive the first year at a discounted rate of $319 for the first year (one month free). After your first year of membership, the discount will expire and the annual rate will be $348.


How do I pause or cancel my household membership?

You may cancel or pause your household membership at any time! Please note that we are only able to pause a household membership for a maximum of 3 months in a 12-month period. 

To make any changes to your household membership, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 


How can I reactivate my paused or cancelled household membership?

Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at


How can I change my payment method for my household membership?

Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 


I pre-paid for a membership with my rower purchase. How do I get started?

To access your pre-paid membership on the Ergatta touchscreen, please create an account using the email you used to complete your purchase and select a membership option. You'll need to put in payment information to have on file, but rest assured, this won't generate a charge. You will not be charged until the pre-paid year has expired, unless you cancel before then.



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