Meet the Vortex Workouts | Ergatta


Shake up your rowing routine with Vortex, Ergatta's newest multiplayer game that joins Races in our new Competitive Workout Library. Vortex is Ergatta's first head-to-head gaming experience with time-based intervals and Calibrated Competition, where members work to score the most points relative to their Intensity Zones before the time runs out.

Vortex offers an expansive library of workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes across four workout types, including two new additions: Conditioning and All-Around. Let's break down these different categories and define how they impact your strategy for your next Vortex workout.


HIIT tablet screen for the Vortex Ergatta game


HIIT, or high-intensity interval workouts, are designed with short working intervals and start immediately with Bonus points to incentivize all-out sprint efforts. Rest periods are always longer than working periods to allow for sufficient recovery—letting you reap all of the benefits of explosive sprints.

A high speed and stroke rate are your greatest weapons in this workout, as long as you can sustain it.


Conditioning tablet screen for the Ergatta Vortex game


Conditioning workouts are similar to HIIT, but with short, insufficient rest periods that challenge your stamina. Designed with short working intervals, Bonus points become available halfway through the interval to incentivize pace and reward all out efforts. This is more like an interval workout where you will be changing gears frequently and never sitting idle for too long.

Conditioning workouts require both speed and endurance to maximize your performance in the game. Always keep a strong pace, but dial up your strokes per minute during the bonus rounds.



Endurance tablet screen for new Vortex Ergatta game


Endurance workouts have longer duration intervals, requiring players to pace themselves. Top-line speed is not an advantage in Endurance workouts. Rather, players are rewarded for sustaining a steady, consistent performance throughout the workout. Bonus points are added at opportune times to allow you to kick it up a notch and reward those with energy left in the tank.

This is a medium-intensity workout that will build your Steady and Race-pace endurance and reward thoughtful pacing.



All around tablet screen for Ergatta Vortex game workout


All-Around workouts contain a mix of HIIT, Conditioning, and Endurance intervals. These workouts are all about variety and are created to test your endurance, top-line speed, and strategy. Every All-Around workout is truly unique, but overall this workout type incentivizes you to push the pace and pull away during Bonus point opportunities.



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