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What a Race Day.

We’ve been coming together live twice a week for head-to-head matches for months, and today we turned up the heat. The stakes have never been higher, with the global winners of each Classification receiving a Polar Ignite 2 fitness watch. The competition went all out in the lanes as they vied for the prize and their spot in the race Rankings.

Prize for Race polar watch

Racers in Class I and Class II sprinted down the 1,000m course with equal ferocity, as several members from Class II could have landed on the Class I podium with their record times. Class III was marked by a two-way tie for second place, with members Poptimal and jdraymon finishing at exactly 3:07.99.

There were break-away leaders in Classes IV and VII, ahead of a closely-contested pack within seconds of each other. Class VIII brought the pace in the second heat, with all three podium finishers starting at 10 AM Eastern. It was good to see frequent Race of the Week competitors show up in Classes IX and X, sharing similar race times with Class VII.

Well raced, everyone.

Preview of tablet from Race Day

Sub-Title: Race Day Live Podiums

Congratulations to everyone who came out to compete and our global top 3 finishers. If you finished first place in your class, please expect an email from us on how to redeem your prize.

Class I

JClarke — 2:40.38

ccanoles — 2:54.18

tritonx — 3:02.04

Class II

EBalunis — 2:49.85

ActionJaxNJ — 2:51.32

Dallylama3 — 2:57.80

Class III

Adm533 — 2:52.28

Poptimal — 3:07.99

jdraymon — 3:07.99

Class IV

sneakpizzasupperclub — 2:59.81

Chmiller — 3:04.79

MDS11 — 3:06.99

Class V

BAA123 — 3:10.16

Quinbo — 3:15.17

JClif — 3:17.83

Class VI

BoozeRower — 3:11.35

VMI2012 — 3:19.93

logically.marc — 3:34.00

Class VII

Nickstanton — 3:42.95

habes — 3:49.73

skelly — 3:50.14

Class VIII

It’s Just Me — 3:47.12

IOWArower — 3:48.22

rachael — 4:09.94

Class IX

SARichey — 4:03.89

Jayub — 4:37.22

Allie614 — 4:39.88

Class X

Toninho27 — 4:13.02

FalconNinja — 4:59.96

N/A — 0:00.00

Class XI - XII

No Competitors

Check out how you placed among your race time by navigating to Race Day Live within the Races Library or in workout history on the iOS and Android mobile apps.


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