Ergatta, the creator of game-based fitness, announces UK launch and expansion of WaterRower partnership

The connected home fitness brand is bringing its interactive rowing machine to homes across the UK and Ireland

NEW YORK, NY & LONDON, UK - Ergatta, the game-based home fitness brand, announced today that it will begin sales of its connected rowing machine throughout the UK and Ireland. Ergatta announced that pre-sales will begin on September 16th, with orders shipping at the end of the month. This expansion is made possible by an exclusive distribution partnership with WaterRower Nohrd Group, Ergatta’s manufacturing partner. Ergatta and WaterRower have indicated that plans are also in progress to offer the Ergatta Rower in additional European markets later this year.

Since its debut in 2020, Ergatta has partnered with WaterRower, a leader in elegantly designed fitness equipment, to bring its connected rowing machine into members’ homes. The Ergatta on-screen content leverages key principles of gamification, personalization and real-time performance feedback to deliver an experience that makes working out feel like playing a competitive sport. Rather than having videos of instructors to follow along, Ergatta’s workouts typically consist of a structured workout that is delivered in the form of a game, like a competitive race on a 3D virtual course (Race Workouts) or a single player game where you fly through space collecting tokens and aiming for a high score based on your average split time (Meteor). The brand’s flagship product, the Ergatta Rower, pairs this game-driven content approach with a handcrafted, premium rowing machine that is built from sustainably sourced cherry wood and designed to fit seamlessly into the home. Ergatta’s proprietary dynamic calibration personalizes the experience for each individual, automatically adjusting to keep workouts challenging as the member improves over time. This new category of game-based fitness equipment has clearly resonated with consumers, particularly those who are not motivated by “follow-along fitness” and traditional, instructor-led offerings. Ergatta experienced over 300% YoY growth in 2021.

While many connected home fitness brands have faced headwinds as COVID restrictions ease, Ergatta has continued to see demand increase for their products, especially in the European market. Ergatta credits this demand to its game-based programming, which continuously adapts to users’ progress and keeps them engaged over long periods of time. “Ergatta is designed for the consumer who is intrinsically motivated by competition and achievement,” said Tom Aulet, Ergatta’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to finally bring our unique experience to the UK and welcome new members to our community who have never been satisfied with the traditional, class-based offerings in the market. I can’t think of a better partner than WaterRower UK, Director Ben Duggan, his team, and their network of retail partners for this opportunity .” 

The rowing modality has dramatically gained popularity in recent years. Known for being one of the most efficient and effective workouts, rowing engages 86% of a user’s muscles and is a low impact form of exercise, which eases pressure on the knees and other joints. Searches on Google for rowing-related terms have increased by more than 600% in the last year. 

“The desire for home fitness equipment that seamlessly integrates with small living spaces preceded the pandemic and will certainly surpass it,” said Peter King, CEO of WaterRower. “Ergatta’s innovative software offers a tech-forward, digital experience for those who have always appreciated the craftsmanship and elegance of our products. It quickly became one of our top products in the US and we are confident it will experience a similar growth trajectory throughout Europe.”

The Ergatta Rower will retail for £2495, which includes the cost of delivery. It can be purchased exclusively on WaterRower.co.uk and at select distribution partners. 


About Ergatta

Ergatta is the creator of game-based fitness, an approach created to bring an effective, motivational, and interactive indoor workout into the home. Unlike the group fitness classes and training applications that have saturated the fitness market, Ergatta offers a workout that is carefully calibrated towards individual user profiles and fitness objectives. Using active intelligence, the membership-based platform matches racers to create rivalries and automatically recalibrates with increased levels of fitness. Handcrafted in Rhode Island from durable and beautiful cherry wood, the Ergatta machine was designed to physically and aesthetically compliment the home. Crafted for mobility, the rower, which utilizes near-silent water resistance technology, can be effortlessly transported and stored within seconds. It is intuitively designed so it is easy to use without any prior rowing knowledge. The Ergatta rower is available for purchase for $2,499.00 on www.Ergatta.com or www.WaterRower.co.uk. The brand’s investors to-date include Advance Venture Partners, Greycroft, Fifth Wall, Gaingels, TechStars, and WaterRower as well as high-profile angel investors Hans Tung (GGV), musicians Chamillionaire and E-40, Adrian Auon (Forward, Google), Mustafa Suleyman (DeepMind, Google), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Operator Partners, Scott Dorsey (ExactTarget, High Alpha), Joe Zawadzki (MediaMath), and Steve Simon (Indiana Pacers).

About WaterRower

Widely regarded as the most realistic simulator of on-water rowing, WaterRower has been dedicated to creating rowing machines of exceptional quality and design for over 30 years. Offering a low-impact, full-body workout, the WaterRower is acclaimed not only for its exercise benefits, but also as an outstanding design innovation. Hand-built in the USA, all timber used to manufacture wooden WaterRower rowing machines is sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests in the Appalachian Mountains. The official water rowing machine of British Rowing; the WaterRower is suitable for everyone from an elite athlete to a complete beginner.

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