How is a Live Race event different from a weekly Live Race?

For Live Race events, the competition has never been fiercer as you go head-to-head live with higher stakes than ever. Alongside ultimate bragging rights, you’ll race for a special edition badge plus your chance to win a special prize that will be awarded to the first-place global winners from every Classification.

Similar to weekly Live Races, they are scheduled for specific start times and matchmaking is based on who is currently racing live, so your competition will vary from race to race. As with all races, our intelligent matchmaking will pair you with members closest to your class and fitness level.

Live Race events happen only a few times a year, so don’t miss your shot to win big when they come around.


How Do I Sign Up?

Distinct from the other Ergatta experiences, you must sign up for one of two race times in advance. Registration for Live Races will be available in the Ergatta app or on your Ergatta Rower.

To register for Live Races, tap the Live Race banner at the bottom of your home screen or select the Races library where it is the featured Race. Please note you cannot sign up for both race times.

Along with the heightened competition, Live Races also adds a deliberate element of accountability. Research shows that those who plan their workouts are more active than those who don’t. With Live Racing, you’re committing to show up and push yourself like never before.


How Should I Prepare?

One week out, try and get at least two Races in before a Live Race event. The Race will be a 1,000m single-segment event, so we recommend Races like the 1250m Domino Dash, 1000m Ace, and 750m Pump to get ready.

A couple of days leading up to the Race, take it easy — you’ll want to be fully recovered enough to push yourself. As always, it’s essential to focus on nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

The day of, try and wake up about an hour before your heat, get your stretching in, and warm up in the designated Warm-Up Zone to get your blood pumping. Regarding strategy, it’s beneficial to take a flying start and get out the gate quickly for about the first 250m; the first 25 strokes or so are important to make gains against the field. Then, settle into a sustainable rhythm and maintain your position from the 250m to 750m mark. For the remaining 250m, give it everything you’ve got and finish proud.

Game On.