What Is A Push Program?

This is our flagship feature: A collection of workouts that ladder up to a specific fitness goal. These training plans are strategically designed by our fitness experts to be completed in sequential order.

What Are The Types of Push Programs?

  • Push Programs: Push Programs are designed to prepare you for a specific challenge or goal (like increasing your speed and endurance to take on your first 1,500m race) and include a recommended timeframe, a workout sequence that unlocks as you progress, and a final challenge.
  • Progressive Push Programs: These are a collection of multiple push programs in which workouts are geared more toward long-term development and training (rather than preparing for a specific challenge or goal). On average, Progressive Push Programs tend to be about 3x longer than a traditional Push Program.

What’s The Benefit of Push Programs?

Because Push Programs are a guided experience, you simply have to select a program to take on and you’re ready to row. This is the ideal for those who want some guidance with their fitness, don’t want to spend time choosing every workout or planning out a routine, or are just a bit indecisive. We’ve got you covered.

Pick a program, stick with it, and see how you progress. We’ll keep you motivated along the way with exclusive badges and milestones that you’ll rack up, plus the ability to unlock access to exclusive additional programs to take on. And just like our other workout experiences, Push Programs are calibrated to your fitness level so your workouts stay personalized to you.

What’s in the Push Program Library?

From short and sweet Exercise Snacks to the endurance-building Your First 5k, there are a wide variety of programs for whatever workout type or goal you’re looking for. Plus, you can have multiple active Push Programs going at a time if you’ve got multiple goals you want to work toward.

What Program Should I Start First?

Unsurprisingly, The Starter Series is a great place to begin. You’ll be guided to build a strong foundation right out the gate — going from the couch to rowing confidently in just a few weeks.