For instructions on disassembling your rower, please reference the below directions. You may want to disassemble your rower for transportation. For instructions on repacking your rower reference this article.

  1. Begin by disconnecting all wires attached to the touchscreen/VESA mount. The power and sensor cords can remain hanging from the rower's arm. Place the USB cable in a safe location.

  2. Using the 1/8" Allen key, remove the touchscreen bolt, then slide the touchscreen off of the mounting arm. Place the touchscreen in a safe location.

  3. Remove water from your tank by following this guide.

  4. Stand up the rower and disconnect the bungee cord from the recoil belt.

  5. Lower the rower back into the active position.
  6. Lift the handle from the handle rests, and allow it to rest on the forward risers, then loosen both top deck Joint Connector Bolts 1-2 rotations using the 5mm Allen Key. They do not need to be fully removed.

  7. Remove both handle rests/handle rest bolts using the 5mm Allen Key.

  8. Using both provided 5mm Allen Keys, remove all four JCB's  and Join Connector Nuts (JCN's) fastening the footboard to the rails. Lift the footboard off the rails.

  9. Using both provided 5mm Allen Keys, remove all four JCN's and JCB's fastening the tank assembly to the rails. Carefully lift the tank off the rails. To avoid any scratches, place the tank onto a soft surface such as a towel or blanket.

  10. Spread the rails apart slightly, then lift the seat off the rails.

  11. Remove the two JCB's fastening the dolly wheels to the rails and remove the dolly wheels. Then remove four JCB's fastening the rear spacer to the rails and remove the rear spacer.


Your rower is now fully disassembled and may be packed for transportation.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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