In the event you need to repackage your Ergatta Lite for safe transport, the following instructions should be followed. If you have the protective foam from your original order, it can be inserted as depicted in the photo's below. If you purchased a new boxing kit, the foam is not included and does not need to be used, nor is it a requirement for the returns process.


For instructions on disassembling your Ergatta Lite prior to repackaging, please reference this article.

The Ergatta Lite is packaged across two boxes; the rail box and the tank box. The rail box contains only the rails. All other components will be packaged into the tank box.


Rail Box:

  1. Assemble the rail box, then seal one end with packing tape.

  2. Slide both rails into the rail box such that the black extrusions are facing outwards and away from one other.

  3. Close the other end of the seat box and seal with packing tape.

Tank Box:

  1. The Ergatta tank box should be filled in reverse from the top side down. Begin by assembling the tank box and sealing the top securely with packing tape, leaving the bottom side unsealed.

  2. Set the tank box upside down, with the bottom end open.

  3. Take the insert with the “Monitor” and “Forward Riser” labels. Place the footboard upside down onto the insert, with the side of the insert labeled “Monitor” facing upward. 

  4. Slip the top end of the footboard into the cut-out under the “Monitor” text, then fold the insert as shown below. Fold the bottom of the insert over the footboard, such that the “Forward Rise” text is now visible. 

  5. Place the insert with the footboard into the tank box.

  6. Make a note of which direction the arrows on the forward riser label are pointing, then place the blank square tank insert into the box.

  7. Insert the tank. Align the forward risers of the tank with the direction from the previous step.

  8. Place the seat upside down on top of the tank.
  9. Place the forward riser insert into the box on top of the tank then attach the bits tray insert as shown below. 

  10. Place the touchscreen into the touchscreen box, then slide the touchscreen between the forward riser and the outside of the box. Note: if you do not have the original touchscreen box, one is not included in the full boxing kit. If you are moving, it is recommended to safely package the touchscreen separately. If you are returning your rower, the touchscreen can be placed by itself in the touchscreen box location shown below.

  11. Fold the bits tray insert, attaching both ends to the forward riser insert. 

  12. Insert the rear spacer as shown below.

  13. If you have the original bits trays, re-pack the hardware components/wires into them. Labels on the bits trays can be referenced to determine which parts should be placed in each tray. Then place the bits trays into the cut-outs of the bits tray insert. Secure in place using packing tape.

  14. If you do not have the original bits trays, pack the hardware components/wire into a plastic ziplock bag, then carefully place the bag into the tank box.

  15. Place the siphon and any other accessories into the tank box.

  16. Close the tank box and secure it with packing tape. Once secure, flip the box right side up.

  17. If you are retuning your rower, affix the provided return labels to the top of the package.


Note: If you are a Canadian customer returning your Ergatta Rower, in addition to the labels you will need to attach three (3) copies of the supplied commercial invoice to each package.

Please reach out to us at if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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