If you’re experiencing any power, technical, or touchscreen-related issues, please check your wires to ensure that they are plugged in firmly and correctly.

1. Check your touchscreen connections.

  • Make sure the larger end of the USB cable is plugged into the left side of your touchscreen (when viewed from the back).
  • Make sure that the power cable is plugged into the DC port on the left side of the touchscreen. For the Ergatta rower, the power cable will be coming from the mounting arm, for the Ergatta Lite, the external cord is connected directly to the touch screen.

Ergatta Rower:

 Ergatta Lite:


2. Flip the touchscreen up to access the two ports that are at the base of the attached mount. Check that the smaller end of the USB cable is firmly plugged into its port. Check that the stereo cable that stems from the top of the mounting arm is firmly plugged into its corresponding port.

Note: The remaining steps are only applicable to the Ergatta Rower and not the Ergatta Lite.

3. Check that your power cable is plugged into the DC port located at the base of your rower's wooden mounting arm.


If your rower’s serial number is before 609000, you’ll also want to ensure that your patch cable is plugged in. You can find your serial number on a white sticker just above the water tank, on the right side of the rower (when viewing the screen). The patch cable is a short, double-headed cable that will connect in the two locations demonstrated below.


Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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