This article will provide the steps required to replace the rails on your Ergatta rower. In addition to the below instructions, the following video may be referenced for further guidance:


  1. First, remove the dolly wheel from the rail using the 5mm Allen Key. Place the wheel and corresponding bolt aside.

  2. Loosen all 6 sets of joint connector nuts/bolts (JCNs/JCBs) connecting the rail to the forward riser, footboard, and rear spacer using both 5mm Allen Keys. Do not yet remove the bolts. Note: in the event that both rails need to be replaced, only one rail should be removed and replaced at a time.

  3. By placing your thumbs on the bottom of the seat, and your finger along the inside of the rail, gently push the rail away from the seat, allowing you to lift the seat off of the rails. Place the seat aside.

  4. Completely remove the JCBs/JCNs attaching the rail to the rear spacer and the footboard bracket.

  5. When removing the final JCBs/JCN's connecting the rail to the forward bracket the tank will tilt forwards. Before removing these, place a towel or other soft surface under the tank to prevent any scratches. Remove the rail and set it aside.

  6. Take your replacement rail and align it with the rear spacer, then with the forward riser bracket allowing the tank to rest on the rails again.

  7. Re-fasten the tank to the rails with the JCBs/JCNs in the following order, without fully tightening at this stage: forward riser bracket, footboard bracket, rear spacer.

  8. Place the seat back onto the black extrusion on the rails, close to the rear spacer end. Gently push the rails apart allowing the guide wheels of the seat to lock into place beneath the black extrusion. Verify that the seat can move along the rails and cannot be lifted off.

  9. Fully tighten all the JCNs/JCBs along the rails.

  10. Lastly, re-attach the dolly wheel to the rails.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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