This article will provide the steps to replace the handle and handle belt on your Ergatta rower. If your handle belt has excess slack, the following instruction can also be followed to re-install your current handle belt with full tension. In addition to the below instructions, the following video may be referenced for further guidance:

  1. Lower the mounting arm of your rower, then raise the rower into the standing position. Disconnect the recoil belt from the bungee.

  2. Lower the rower back to the active position, then pull the handle belt out through the pulleys until the handle belt bolt is visible. Note how the handle belt is routed through the pulleys.

  3. Using a 1/8" Allen Key (same Allen Key used for the touchscreen mounting bolt) remove the handle belt bolt. 

  4. Push a small amount of slack through the pulley allowing you to fully remove the handle strap from the pulley system.

  5. Take your new handle, and begin threading it back through the pulley system. It is important to ensure that the handle belt remains flat and does not become twisted. Face the handle downwards, then run the belt through your hands to locate the top side of the belt on the other end.

  6. Run the belt over the large pulley attached to the forward riser, looping it under then along the inside of the small upper pulley, then along the outside of the large pulley.

  7. On the main pulley, three inserts can be seen with the hole for the handle strap bolt between the left most two. Run the strap through the middle insert and out through the right most insert. 

  8. Pull the handle strap around the pulley counter-clockwise, and in through the left most insert, aligning the hole on the handle belt with that on on pulley. 

  9. Re-secure the belt to the pulley using the handle belt bolt and the 1/8" Allen Key.

  10. Pull the handle belt taught around the main pulley.

  11. With one hand on the handle belt, ensuring it stays tight, pull the recoil belt to wrap the handle belt around the pulley, until the handle is resting on the handle rests.

  12. Push the recoil belt back underneath the rower.

  13. Lift the rower and re-attach the recoil belt to the bungee.


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