This article will show you how to replace your tank and mounting arm assembly on the Ergatta Rower. For the Ergatta Lite please follow the guide found here.

In addition to the below instructions, the following video may be referenced for further guidance:

If the tank assembly needs to be replaced, the following steps should be followed.

  1. Remove the water from the tank as shown HERE.

  2. Raise the mounting arm, then disconnect all wires from the Touchscreen. Place the USB cable in a safe location. Remove the Touchscreen bolt using the ⅛” Allen Key, then remove the Touchscreen from the arm. Place the Touchscreen and Touchscreen bolt in a safe location.

  3. Lower the Touchscreen arm, then lift the rower into the standing position. Disconnect the bungee from the recoil belt.

  4. Lower the rower, then lift the handle from the rest and move it through the forward riser allowing it to rest on the top deck.

  5. Loosen the top deck joint connector bolts (JCB), then remove the handle rest  and handle rest bolts using the 5mm Allen key.

  6. Remove the top JCB from the footboard rail bracket on each side of the rower using the 5mm Allen key. Leave the bottom JCB on each side in place. Put the JCB’s in a safe location.

  7. Pull the footboard back, leaving it in an upright position.

  8. Remove both JCB‘s from the forward riser bracket on each side of the rower.

  9. Slide your current tank assembly off the rails.

  10. Slide the replacement tank assembly onto the rails, aligning the holes on the forward riser bracket with those on the rails.

  11. Begin following the above steps in reverse to install the new tank. First, re-install bolts into the forward riser bracket, leaving them hand tight until all four are installed, then tightening with the 5mm Allen key.

  12. Lower the footboard, aligning the holes with the nuts for the handle rests.

  13. Reinstall the handle rest and handle rest bolts using the 5mm Allen key.

  14. Re-install top bolts of the footboard rail bracket using the 5mm Allen key

  15. Tighten the top deck JCB’s, then lift the rower into the standing position and reconnect the bungee cord to the recoil belt.

  16. Lower the rower, then pull the handle forward through the forward risers and onto the handle rests.

  17. Raise the mounting arm, then reattach the Touchscreen to the mounting arm. Secure the touchscreen using the Touchscreen bolt and the 1/8th” Allen key.

  18. Reconnect all wires per the below diagram:

  19. Fill the tank with water, as shown HERE.

  20. Power on your rower and verify it is functioning as intended.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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