Ergatta offers 9 main workout experiences (with more on the way!).

Meteor: Single-player, interval-based game with thousands of HIIT, Conditioning, Endurance and Recovery workout options. Smooth, responsive and kinetic. Go for a personal high score, or best your rivals in the rankings for each workout.

Pulse: Single-player, interval-based game with thousands of different workout options. Try all three different modes with varying focuses: Power (speed targets), Cadence (stroke rate targets) and Hybrid (dual targets; the most challenging and skills-based). This meditative experience is particularly helpful with rowing technique improvement.

Race: Multi-player competitive game with hundreds of different courses. Race against 8 other real Ergatta members (never bots) that are intelligently matched with you for close competition. Workouts vary from short sprints to long endurance races, often with rest periods and segments of different lengths.

Push Programs: Dozens of goal-oriented workout programs, varying from 5 to 50+ workouts, all structured around a final challenge. Thoughtfully designed by fitness professionals. New programs released monthly.

Vortex: Multi-player competitive game with dozens of different workout options. In our newest game release, we introduce several new gameplay concepts. Calibrated Competition levels the playing field, enabling fun and effective competition between members of all skills levels. A complex game structure requires both high personal performance and a sense of strategy to be crowned a winner.

Live Competition: Go head-to-head live with 75,000 (and counting) community members in regularly scheduled events. Show up to be intelligently matched with your closest competitors, or sign up in advance with your friends and start a training plan.

Scenic Row: Explore dozens of waterways around the world, from urban rivers to tropical lagoons and everything in between. New locations are added every few months, with both forward-facing and more traditional backward-facing options.

Just Row: For a truly self-directed and meditative experience, simply set a time or distance goal - or none at all - and just row. All workout data will be captured in your dashboard just like all other workouts.

Interval workouts (Meteor and Pulse) on the Ergatta are split into 3 categories:

  • Endurance workouts: These workouts are structured around building your stamina with long intervals and fewer rest periods.
  • HIIT workouts: HIIT workouts are structured to challenge you with rapid changes between periods of intensity and rest.
  • Technique workouts: These workouts are designed to build your pace and power management skills.

Each Interval workout type has a specific focus:

  • Split-focused workouts: these revolve around hitting and maintaining targets. Intensity targets are defined as personalized split ranges, based on your biometrics, fitness capacity, and calibration results.
  • SPM-focused workouts: these are focused on hitting and maintaining stroke rate targets; essentially the rhythm or cadence with which you row.
  • Hybrid workouts: a challenging combination that direct you to hit and maintain targets for both intensity and SPM at the same time.

There are hundreds of workouts available on the platform, with more added each week.



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