This article will provide the steps required to replace your Ergatta Lite mounting arm. If you're replacing the mounting arm on your Ergatta Rower, please follow these steps instead.

  1. Raise the Ergatta Lite mounting arm to the active position. Unplug the sensor wire from VESA mount on the rear of the touchscreen. The USB cable may remain connected.

  2. Using the 1/8" Allen Key, remove the touchscreen bolt from the VESA mount then lift the rower off of the touchscreen. Place the touchscreen in a safe location.

  3. Remove the rubber lining from the mounting arm. It may be helpful to use a flat head screwdriver or similar tool to gently push the top of the lining from the arm before pulling out the remainder.

  4. Remove the sensor cable from the arm, allowing it to rest on the tank assembly. Note the sensor wire will not be replaced in this procedure.

  5. Lower the arm to the stored position, then using the 5mm Allen key remove the bolt and axle fastening the mounting arm to the forward riser. Then remove the arm from the rower.

  6. Place the new arm onto the rower, then fasten using the bolt and axle remove in the previous step.

  7. Raise the arm to the active position, the place the sensor wire back into the arm ensuring there is about 3" of slack coming out of the top of the arm.

  8. Beginning at the base of the arm, re-insert the rubber lining by first pulling it taught then pushing it into the channel.

  9. Place the touchscreen onto the replacement arm and re-fasten using the touchscreen bolt and 1/8" Allen Key.

Please reach out to us at if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.




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