If the sensor disk needs to be replaced, the following steps should be followed. First, check the serial number for your rower, located on the right side of the tank. If your serial number is before 609000 follow the below instructions. If your serial number is after 609000 please reach out to our customer service team.

In addition to the below instructions, the following video may be referenced for further guidance:


  1. Move the rower handle through the mounting arm, and off of the top deck.

  2. Remove both top deck joint connector bolts (JCB's) from the tank assembly using the provided 5mm Allen Key.

  3. Disconnect the sensor wire fastener located under the top deck.

  4. Remove the two upper tie rods from the rear of the forward risers, fastening the top deck to the tank assembly using the 5mm Allen Key. Note, a barrel nut will fall from the top deck as the tie rods are removed. Place the barrel nuts in a safe location.

  5. Using a gentle rocking motion, remove the top deck from the tank assembly. In some cases the pulley's may come unassembled while lifting the top deck. In the even this occurs, continue following this guide, the re-assemble per this article after Step 8.

  6. Place the top deck on a safe surface such as the rowers tank, with the top-side facing downwards. 

  7. Remove the sensor disk from the rower.

  8. Gently place your replacement sensor disk onto to main pulley axle.

  9. Place the top deck back onto the pulleys, aligning the holes with the axles. The plastic H-bracket may be bent slightly to align with the top deck. Firmly press down to top deck to re-seat it on the axles.

  10. Re-install the two top deck JCB's, leaving them slightly loose.

  11. Re-install the tie rods into the forward riser and top deck. Place the barrel nut back into its slot on the top deck, aligning the hole to be in line with the tie rod. While holding the barrel nut in place, push the tie rod back into the assembly, then tighten.

  12. Fully tighten the top deck JCB's.

  13. Reconnect the sensor wire fastener under the top deck.

  14. Replace the handle back onto the handle rests.

  15. Power on your rower and verify it is functioning as intended.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.




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