If you're finding that your rower's handle is losing tension near the front of the rower, or the bungee is making contact with the pulleys while rowing, follow the below steps to ensure the recoil belt is properly tightened.

Note: This article is for large adjustments, if your recoil belt is too close the the ground and only needs to be adjusted slightly, please follow this guide.

Note: The tank paddle should only rotate counter-clockwise. If you're finding the paddle rotates in the reverse direction at any time, such as when the belt is recoiling, please reach out to us using the relevant email at the bottom of this page.

  1. Lift your rower to the standing position, then disconnect the recoil belt from the bungee on the underside of the rower.

  2. Lower your rower back into the active position. Raise the mounting arm, then place the handle against the forward risers. There will be no tension on the handle belt at this time.

  3. Fully unwind the recoil belt from the main pulley. Pull the belt until the handle belt is taught and the handle is firmly pressed against the forward riser. Wrap the recoil belt around the main pulley clockwise twice.

  4. Route the recoil belt back along the inside of the lower pulley as shown above, then under the forward riser as shown below.

  5. Push the rower handle through the mounting arm, then place it on the floor by the forward riser.
  6. Lower the mounting arm, then stand your rower up again ensuring the handle is far enough back that the rower does not sit on it while standing. Re-connect the recoil belt to the bungee.

  7. Raise the mounting arm, then run the rower handle back through the mounting arm and rest it against the handle rests. The connection between the bungee and recoil belt (shown above) should be located between the tank and footboard beneath the rower.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions, and include your rower’s serial number as well as your shipping address.



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