Before we dive into the workouts, let’s review a few key elements that apply to each one of the Ergatta experiences — from speedy 100m Races to endurance-building programs.


Our programming incorporates unique features such as calibration and classifications to ensure that every aspect of the Ergatta experience is tailored to your fitness profile, providing immediate feedback. With workouts customized to your individual form, goals, and speeds, each Ergatta experience is highly personalized and motivating, allowing for continuous progress and achievement.


Unlock more workouts and celebrate your progress with Milestones. Each accomplishment earns you visible badges in your dashboard, with different workouts featuring unique milestones. Every stroke counts towards your meter marker milestones, with your first at 10,000 meters and the ultimate milestone at 1 million meters, unlocking the ability to design your own workout to share with the community.

Our community keeps daily fitness exciting and motivating, with Race Workouts and Rivals to keep you challenged. Compete against real competitors at your skill level or connect with others in our Facebook and Reddit groups to share milestones and get inspired. Workouts feel like wins when you have the support and motivation of our community.


Now, let’s explore our games: Ergatta’s different ways to get your workout in.


In one sentence: These goal-based training plans are a strategically-designed collection of workouts to be completed in sequential order. The two types of Push Programs are:

  • Push Programs: Push Programs are designed to prepare you for a specific challenge or goal (like increasing your speed and endurance to take on your first 1,500m race) and include a recommended timeframe, a workout sequence that unlocks as you progress, and a final challenge.
  • Progressive Push Programs: These are a collection of multiple push programs in which workouts are geared more toward long-term development and training (rather than preparing for a specific challenge or goal). Generally speaking, Progressive Push Programs tend to be about 3x longer than a Push Program.

Do this workout when you: Want a guided experience. Each program is structured around a specific theme or fitness achievement, so you’ll simply select one that aligns with a goal you want to accomplish and follow a structured  workout plan that’s calibrated to your fitness level.

Expert Tip: This is our flagship feature. Pick a program, stick with it, and see how you progress. You’ll rack up a milestone for each Push Program you complete and begin unlocking access to exclusive additional programs to take on. 

Push program library



In one sentence: These interval-based HIIT (high intensity interval training) and endurance workouts feature personalized targets and real-time feedback. The three types of Interval Workouts are:

  • Meteor: Meteor workouts are inspired by classic 2D side-scrolling games. These challenges allow you to collect tokens as they fly through space at different target speeds calibrated specifically to you. The harder you row, the more points you earn.
  • Pulse: Pulse Workouts give you a series of different targets to hit over time. You’ll be scored based on the percentage of targets you successfully hit. The goal is to hit a target zone, and then maintain that target for a set period of time.
  • Echo: Echo Workouts place an emphasis on rowing rhythm and form. The goal is to align your strokes with the passing targets in order to score points. Earn point multipliers for hitting multiple targets in a row.

Do this workout when you: Want to get a great workout in, without committing to a long-term series like Push Programs provide.

Expert Tip: Aim for Interval Workouts to comprise about 80% of your non-Push Program workouts. You can think about it like training for a sport — Interval workouts are your “practices,” the more frequent session throughout the week where you’re really building up your fitness levels. Therefore, you can think about Races (below) like your “games,” where all of the work you put in at practice finally gets to pay off. 



In a sentence: Go head-to-head with Rivals, the community, and yourself in two competitive workout experiences: Races and Vortex.

  • Races: Compete in distance-based interval workouts against your past performances or other members of similar speed. There are 4 Live Races times weekly and a featured Race of the Week.
  • Vortex: Compete against your grandmother or Olympians in time-based intervals to work to score the most points in a game that rewards you based on individual effort, rather than raw speed.

Do this workout when you: Want to go all out, push your limits, and really show off your skills.

Expert Tip: Aim for races to comprise about 20% of your non-Push Program workouts. As we mentioned above, these are like “the big game.” By only competing in Races about 20% of the time, you’ll give your body sufficient recovery time after these high-intensity workouts.

Race Workouts



In one sentence: Open Row workouts are unstructured workouts, open to your discretion as to how you want to row: set your desired time, distance, or simply row with no boundaries.

Do this workout when you: Are taking a recovery day or just want something less structured and strenuous. 

Expert Tip: Open Row makes for a great rest day, when you want to exercise at a lower intensity, are looking for an active recovery, or after a high-intensity Race day.

Open Row Screen



Alongside the experiences outlined above, there are a few other features you’ll notice on the Ergatta home screen.


Pick up right where you left off in Your Library. This page is your personalized spot to easily access past workouts and resume current progress so you can get rowing right away. In Your Library, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily access your active Push Programs, plus completed and favorited workouts
  • Replicate custom intervals from past Open Row workouts
  • Favorite workouts in the Ergatta app to save to Your Library so you can plan workouts anywhere
your library screen



Monthly Challenges are a thematic collection of workouts; earn a new milestone each time you complete a challenge. This is your chance to explore new features within the Ergatta experience and take on a challenge with the rest of your fellow Ergatta community. Plus, for certain challenges, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock charitable donations made on your behalf by Ergatta. 

Monthly Challenges screen



So what goes into making our game-based workouts?

“We strive to make fitness-based games that are equally as fun and engaging as they are conducive to an effective workout. All of our game concepts are conceived and vetted with the help of our Director of Fitness Science & Programming, Chris Chang, and are then rigorously tested in various iterations with our internal team and our member community,” says Jordan Morris, Ergatta’s Director of Product Design.

If you want to get in the weeds of precisely how our experience is created, you’ll have to join our team — but in the meantime here’s a glimpse at a few more of the features that define the Ergatta experience:

  • Calibration: This feature exists so that every single interval, workout, and milestone is uniquely built to challenge you. Upon creating an account, you’ll row a distance-based calibration workout that sets initial exercise intensity zones. As you progress, the rower will automatically recalibrate your fitness profile to drive continuous improvement.
  • Classification: This feature allows members of the platform to find competitors in a similar stage of their fitness journey. Check out this article to dive in deeper to the science and design behind Classification.


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